I don't even know why I'm your friend anymore...

I made one racist comment about a religion you frankly don't even belong to/care about, and you flip your lid, comparing me to Hitler or Islamic Terrorists. Frankly, The fact you condoned me in this way shows your JUST as narrow minded as I am, but at least I can admit it. Sure, I don't like Muslims. Should we glass the middle east like I said? H*** no, but I said my mind anyway. I don't even know why I'm your friend. You never listen to me, and always expect me to agree with me. You never try anything I propose, ans when I try to get you to meet new people, you push everyone away. For someone who claims themselves to be a b****, your more than that. Your a(n) selfish c***, no wonder you don't have many friends, but always throw them away the minute you disagree with them. But fine, whatever, this doesn't effect you in the slightest. Why am I even friends with you, why did I even try to love you? J***.

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