Please comment and help me out

Im thirteen yrs old almost fourteen ima freshmen and i think im in love with this girl i never liked a girl this much before we talk a little only in class i feel she has no intrest in me and im really shy also shes one year above me Please i need help

Sep 14, 2012

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  • Be her friend before being her anything-else. I'm a girl and I hate it when I just meet a guy and he asks me out literally an hour later. So get to know her well, make her comfortable to be around you and try not to make any sudden movements. Good luck!

  • Sweetheart, love is unlimited. Make friends with her and confide in her- I can't promise anything, but in the end you'll know if she's the right one.
    Don't let anybody's opinion of you bring you down- It's not their place to decide who you should love.
    Be yourself and don't hide.

  • Im in a somewhat same situation and i find it rude that im the first to comment. ok im not going to say just walk up to her and say do you want to go out. you say you talk to her only a little so be friends with her first. just go and talk to her, pretend you dont know a problem then while she's showing you compliment on how smart she is or something like that. chances are if you do that every now and then (dont do it every day. that will kill your chances because she might think you stupid). and if you pass her in between clsses just say hi and start a conversation if you guys be friends it will make it easier, trust me. :) good luck man id love to hear back from you

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