I hate them

I hate homosexuals and i hate how acceptable they have become

I hate green people. Those California types with their priuses organic food and earth l***

I hate blacks that act black. i do not have a problem with those that act human. but the hiphop types are repulsive.

I hate self loathing americans that insist america bullies third world countries. america has brought those poverty stricken lands enlightenment but gets no credit for it

I wish china would be destroyed and leave our economy alone

I wish obama slips and breaks his neck

I wish the khomenis get stricken with the black plague

I especially hate islam. i was born a muslim in a muslim land goverened by strict strict strict islamic law. dating was as nerve racking as smuggling drugs, we tried so hard not to get caught dating. my whole teen life was opression oppression no alcohol no girls no parties NOTHING NOTHING.

I wish god would do something about the islamic plague. i know he has cursed the land of islams birth, the middle east is a h*** hole. i just wish he would wipe it off the map once and for all. why cant islam be nothing but history lessons like the mongol army or japanese kamikazis??

If i could have a wish i would wish islam gone. All you people defending it and thinking its some peaceful religion, you've been raised in christian suburbs with a loving community and a church that preaches love to all. You don't have an idea the psychological toll it has on the mind. I hate islam so much. you idiot idiot muslims open your g******* eyes OPEN THEM!!!

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  • Sounds like you just a hater you probably even hate yourself too right? if you dont you should, it would add a nice touch to your list.

  • Go ahead, hate all you want. Your hate doesn't hurt any of the people you're angry with. It just helps you dwell on it.

  • You sound like the type to watch faux news. I personally dislike the usa and I'm american. What r u gonna do about it tough guy?

  • I hope you burn in h***.

  • I hope YOU burn instead of him!

  • Yes, muslims are a pain, but its not their fault its just what they are, and you should just stop moaning about everything and just get on with life, I'm telling you, its not healthy!!!!!!!!

  • Hey Stupid AND Ignorant,

    OMG!!!!! muslims are a pain, but it's NOT their fault???

    What a STUPID remark. You need serious help!!

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