Wrong to hit a woman

Is it wrong to kick the s*** out of a girl, even if she really really deserves it, and needs it as a wake up call so that she realizes that other people have feelings and the world doesn't revolve around her? And doing this would stop her from treating other guys like something she has stepped in? Is that really so wrong?

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  • Thanks for the advice people. You are right. But why can't the girls i have relations with be as intelligent, or have such concern for others, as yourselves?

  • Your question is just the beganning of your quest to find what you really desire in a female so search deep within yourself for that answer, because ultimatly you're the one who accepts and choose's these girls that don't seem to live up to your expectations, just remember that no one is perfect and that if there is a deep connection and a spot of love in any relationship then there is always room to overlook the minor imperfections of others...

  • Ask yourself would it be alright to kick the s*** out of you if you really deserve it? if you say yes then you must be a woman and your logic is understanable though not acceptable! however if you are a man asking this silly ass question then you have been conditioned to think as a woman, because real men only fight for survival and not to beat on someone to change someones beliefs, attitude or to gain power over someone much weaker then themselves..

  • How do you like to go to prison and the guy there hit you or kick the s*** out you, think befor you do it, you will pay the price , by law, you can change get help okay,

  • No, it's not wrong.
    I'm a woman, and I believe if I step out of line, my man should hit me.
    Sometimes a slap to the face clears things up, seriously.
    And I realize I was wrong and everything is fine.
    So f*** everyone that are like "real men don't hit." 'cause that's bullshit. They're just wimps.

  • Abuse is not the answer, you need to sit down and talk to her person-to-person, work your problems out, but a lot of guys in the state penitentiary that abuse their girlfriends and wives and children, hate to see you wind up there, if you too can get along, it would be the best thing to do is leave her, find somebody else.

  • No it is not ok to do that, you know that as much as we do, no one deserves to be beaten up! If anyone does its you I don't even understand how you could think that!!!!

  • Why does she need to be kicked to be given a wake-up call? How can someone "really really deserve" to be beaten up? She doesn't sound like a great person, but why does violence have to be the way to show her how to be better? What if she just connects the violence to you, instead of connecting it to her behaviour?

  • Yes. It's wrong. But you already knew that. You just wanted somebody to tell you it's okay, and somebody here will do that, because most of the people here are immoral retards, but that won't change the fact that it's wrong. It just means that if you follow their advice and their behavioral standard, YOU will be an immoral r*****, too.

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