Gf's mom

I am f****** my gf's mom. I am 35 and my gf is 33. Her mom is 55. I flirted with her one day about 4 months ago and she went for it. We f*** probably 4 times a week. We even got in a quickie while the gf was making dinner. Mom was wearing a skirt and no panties. She pulled her skirt up and got in my lap. She had to bury her head in my chest to stifle her o******. I busted my nut just 30 seconds before she walked in with dinner. One time the three of us were in the hot tub together. The gf took off all her clothes and asked if we were going to as well. We all did. Mom said her shoulders hurt so I offered a massage. She got behind me and I slid my d*** in her p****. Her moaning was o****** but the gf thought she was just enjoying the massage.

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  • I quit dating my girlfriend because I fell in love with her mother. Her mother gives me much better s**, and gives me the best o******. I sleep with her mother now, and she is pregnant now. We love to make passionate love every day and night still. I highly recommend it!

  • Used to do the same, loved it - bareback too.

    Was going well until my girlfriend now ex walked in as blew, wasn't too fussed as it was my 3rd of the day in her.

    Her mum had a nicer p**** anyway.

  • Sounds like a great situation.

  • You wish, you lying shitbag!

  • I agree, your a douch bag and full of crap. Get this s*** off this web page. Lying Ted!

  • Yeah, you're full of s***.

  • Exactly, these a******* always have to go that extra mile so to speak to ruin an almost believable story.

  • Not going to lie this is so so so hot

  • He is a real friend and is looking for you:

    1Now the tax collectors and sinners were all gathering around to hear Jesus. 2But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them.”

    3Then Jesus told them this parable: 4“Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? 5And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders 6and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’ 7I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.

  • I did my ex MIL before I married her daughter. Did her a few times when we were married. On a visit to sign some papers after we had divorced, I did her again before leaving. By this time she was 63 and still enjoyed a good ride.

  • Good! i do my mil since 40 years!

  • Outstanding! Wouldn't it be a great revenge against your ex-wife to start a regular affair with her mom?! Well-done!

  • Jesus......this is incredibly sexy!

  • Buddy, you're calling Jesus, wish you'd obey his teachings. Did he teach us to have s** outside of marriage?

  • While you've been busy f****** your girlfriend's mom, I've been busy f****** your girlfriend. We think it's funny that you don't even know it.

  • Dream on. You are too ugly and you're d*** is too small, lol. P.S. Up yours and kiss mine! ha,ha,ha,ha,ha.

  • I'm working on my wife's sister now. Her t*** are humongous!

  • They are both whores. Use and abuse them (and be sure to wrap up) and then dump them both when you find a real woman who ISN'T a w****.

  • I can't even. What makes the wife a w****? What makes the OP deserve to find a "real woman" when he started the affair?

  • The OP is a chicken s*** P****!

  • Holy shot that's so fkn hot... has your gf ever watched you f*** her mother? Please let us know how things are going along.. at 55 her mother must be as h**** as f***... please continue to f*** her she must love your c*** inside her... this is one of the hottest things I've read on here.. you're a lucky guy.

  • It's been a while since we've heard about this arrangement. Please let us know what's happened in the interim. I was still in favor of your having the LTR with Judy, but either way, this was and still is hot as h***, and I'd love to know more. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  • Troll

  • Liar!

  • That's f****** hot..keep doing her

  • More has happened. If anyone wants to hear about it ill post it

  • Post it

  • So mom and gf were over at my house. We were all watching a movie. I sat on the couch. Gf sat in a chair. I asked her to come snuggle with me. She said she didn't want to get up. Her mom said she would snuggle. No reaction from the gf. I had on basketball shorts and nothing else. Her mom was wearing a tank top with no bra (she has perky c-cup t******) and running pants with no panties. Lights were off. Her mom reached over and started playing with my d***. So about 20 minutes passes and her mom decided to pull it out. Gf was engrossed in the movie and we were all talking about parts of it. Then she looked back and saw her moms hand stroking my hard c***. She says, "you enjoying yourselves over there?" I say, "honey...we were..." She said, "No explanation necessary. I don't mind. Besides, i didn't really get off work at 4 today. I got off early and f***** Cindy. Was pretty nice." Her mom says, "so you are cool with this?" She says, "Absolutely. So long as I get his c*** when I want it." She turned around to the movie and started watching it again. Her mom shrugged her shoulders and went down on me. I didn't moan just to not rub it in. Besides, I have a surround sound and the volume covered up the slurping.

  • ....mmmmm..there was her one bf who stayed over last summer while she worked nite shift...mmmm..she did leave him for me:)

  • ..and now there r 3 of them ive unknowing youngcock recruiter!!nhsluttymom

  • stayed the night with me that night. She woke me up around 5 am sucking my d***.

  • Ok ... can i just say something here... wtf are u doing u must not love ur gf and her mother really doesnt give a f*** about her daughters feeling which really gets to me.. grrr my mother was killed about a yr ago and before that she always i mean always did things to help ect ect what a mother should do for her kids omg this really p***** me off that her mother doesnt give a f***.... yes the s** might b mind blowing and hey im not saying thats wrong cause u need to have good s** if u dont then y the f*** r doin it .. but anyways she gave birth to this girl and doing that saying that she he doesnt care. and i no u dont understand that cause u have no kids but look at it as that what happens when u get caught or tell her ... this woman wont have a bf who she must love u and wont have a mother and blv me not having a mother is the hardest thing not to have well for me it is.

    dont get all mad at me what im saying i am allowed to say my peace which i have .. yes maybe the s** is great and bla bla but omg think of ur GF for once

    And also do u have s** with ur gf at all?

  • Yes we do have s** but not very often. She doesn't have a very high s** drive. We have s** one every other week if I'm lucky. I can have s** every day. Before I started hooking up with her mom I would just j******* alot. Sometimes alone, sometimes right next to her. Now, she has had s** with one other person a handful of times since we have been together. It was with her best friend. She told me about it and I'm ok with it. I just don't think ppl were meant to be monogamous.

  • Fair point.
    But still dont u think what u r doin will upset her if she founds out or do u even care about her feeling ..

  • It may upset her but it may not. There are a couple things to consider. One, the gf has had s** with a female friend of hers probably a dozen times now since we got together. Two, her mom is slowly being more openly "friendly" with me around her. About a month ago, she would kiss me on the lips goodbye. Nothing sexy, a quick kiss on the lips. Then just last night, she kissed me goodbye and used tongue. Gf didn't say anything. She even gave me a b****** during the movie we were watching after her mom left.

  • when the 3 of you are together how do you keep off the mom?

  • Sometimes we behave and sometimes we don't. We have almost gotten caught several times. Her mom never wears panties when she is around anymore. Easier access. I tend to wear basketball shorts with no underwear. When the gf cooks, she doesn't pay attention to anything else. The three of us were all in the kitchen the other day. The gf was cutting vegetables and her mom bent over and I pulled my c*** out and f***** her right there in the kitchen. Most of the time we have s** at her moms place. I "mow the grass" and stay the night. The gf doesn't know I'm there all night.

  • About five years ago, I dated a girl nearly half my age for awhile and we had a lot of fun. Then she asked me to take her mother -- who was exactly my age -- to a wedding one Friday night, because she needed a date since her ex-husband was going to be there with his new wife, and the mom didn't want to go alone and look like a loser. I didn't want to do it, having never met the mother, but my girlfriend inisted, so I agreed and went on a blind date to a wedding. The mother was decent-looking, and the wedding was pleasant enough, but then at the reception, the mom started to drink, in order to deal with the fact that she was having to watch her ex with his trophy wife, and the drinking led to a loosening of her moral standards, and to her eventually telling me she really needed to get laid, and that Cassie would never find out. So never being a man to avoid a good time, I took her home to my house and f***** the mother silly. All night. And all the next day. And then that night. And all the following day. I avoided Cassie's repeated calls, as did her mother, because we were just too busy f****** each other's brains out and having too much fun. Cassie showed up at the house and came in and found us in bed, f******, but neither the mother nor me cared at that point, because the s** was too good to care about the girl's feelings or pay attention to her crying. I moved Cassie out and moved the mother in, and we lived together for a few months before the desire faded, and I ended it. But you're totally right: there's something really hot about f****** the mother of a girl you've been hooking up with.

  • I'm really glad that yours made it to the top confessions, because it is so good, and you really are a hero, and it really is the best one on here. Well done!

  • ditto! this is the best confession! i love it!

  • Ohh my God,don't we all have something else better to do.then kkck this web page in the ball's sooo F-ing hard.

  • I have 5 daughters. My 18yr old daughter has a bf who is my age. One day he was giving me a drop in his car and while talking his hand rested on my knee. he said sorry but i told him it was ok. he said suppose his hand had slipped a little further up. i said that was ok too. he then placed his hand against my p**** and i said that's ok but don't tell my daughter. He took my hand and placed it between his leg against his c***. I began squeezing it. He drove to a secluded spot and i sucked his c*** and we f*****. He told me he wanted to f*** my 2 younger daughters one 16 and the other 14. I told him to try but no one should know about the 14yr as she was under age. However i did not know that he was already f****** the 16yr old. In the long run he f***** the youngest one when she reached 15. He continues to f*** the 4 of us.

  • This is a troll. What an idiot. He can not even spell the word "I".. Yes it is capitalized. I bet this boy is about 10.

  • Why I did not get a girlfriend like this? In fact I have only two girlfriends and one wife to f*** in my whole life and I am sixty now. Maybe I was not at the right place at the right time.

  • my and 4 of my sisters f***** her never knew:) nhsluttymom

  • Why you are not my sister? I would love to be part of this loving family.

  • I don't know if I could actually get up the courage to do that, but it sounds exciting as h***. To be s******* a mother and three beautiful daughters! And all at once! Well, I must say he has some daring. Can you give us more of the sordid details of what it was like for both you and them?

  • It was great,,and repeated in various combinations..for years!..later..Mom shared a few of ours..:)nhsluttymom

  • Wow! How would that be?!

  • Extremely hot. wish i could find a judy.

  • Darling, I have wanted to lay down with two of my daughter's many boyfriends at different times, fantasized about them both, masturbated about them both (frequently and frantically), but never got up the nerve to ask either one for s**, even though there were several times when I would kiss one hello or goodbye I wanted to whisper in his ear, "Please take me upstairs and f*** me right now". I regret that i never did it, particularly with one of them who had a magnificent giant c*** that was extremely evident when he wore a certain pair of jeans (and when he did that, my hormones would go f****** WILD). My daughter would of never known and neither would my husband. It would have been a wonderful thing in my life and I wish every day that I would have f***** them. Jeez, I wish right now I was f****** them, particular Evan, who had the big k*** and bigger shaft. Please ignore any negativity you get here, and just know that you're pleasing two women, and that's two more than most men will ever please in their entire lives and you're doing it at one time. On behalf of overheated and underfucked mothers everywhere, THANK YOU for doing what you're doing!!! It's really beautiful.

  • You be my mom, what a woman who understands the need of love in life.

  • You make me so hot reading your comment I just get hard and m********* while reading it (4x already). i don't know if I have a big enough c*** for you, but I know one thing. I'd love to be s******* you, and that doesn't matter how old you are. F*** me now, baby! I wonder where you live. you wouldn't mind telling me that, would you? I just need to get sexed, too, and I wouldn't mind making love to you. I'm fantasizing coming to your door, ripping off your shirt and your bra and just sucking your t***. Oh, please give me those t***! and after that, I'd take you up to the bedroom and f*** your brains out, if you wanted it. I'd do whatever you wanted. I don't like to be selfish in the bed. Whatever you say goes. Nobody would ever have to know, just us 2. We could watch each other m*********, suck p**** and d***, be wild. I would f*** your ass if you wanted it (but then again not if you don't). And just look at the woman's comment above about the bf f****** her and 3 of her daughters!

  • I live in chilliwack bc

  • I'm so sorry we live so far apart. I would really have loved to have f***** you. You know from when I was 12 and felt those familiar urges, I've always fantasized about f****** much older women and being seduced by them. Even now, there is a 64 year old woman (I am 46 and was 32 at the time) at work. We would flirt together and we both could tell we liked each other. But I never got up the courage to invite her to the hotel next door. Well, take care and happy masturbating! I think about my wife's cousin and m********* often. She is the most beautiful thing in creation. I told her so and that I liked her, but she moved away. Oh well, at least I tried. Well, you take care :) A friend.

  • I lived in prison for 4 year',i loved rape-ing pedo's.i just love watching them cry all night.But i never raped anybody with Hiv-Aids.And my mom died when i was in prison.i never did attend the funeral.than i started threatening pedo's was so much fun.Give me your address,i am calling the cop's.It was no fun pretending to be good all the time.I just got tired of pretending to care about other's online.i really did.i am not sorry about any of it.

  • That is part of the reason why it is so hot to f*** her. She has been divorced 10 years and was seriously underfucked. She came on to me knowing I was with her daughter. She is spontaneous and loves doing it basically anywhere. Here lately I have been "cutting her grass." Sam thinks its sweet that I help her out. My payment is an hour of hot s**.

  • Yeah, regret is powerful and painful, and it lasts. I had several wonderful opportunities to cheat on my husband with younger men, too, and let them pass without acting. I hate myself for doing that. I thought I was "doing the right thing" and "being a good wife" and "keeping my wedding vows", but now I realize that's all total, TOTAL bullshit, and now I wish I had cheated with those young men every time I had the chance. I wish I had opened my legs every time they asked. Now, it's too late for that. But it's never too late for regret. I truly do hate myself.

  • It is never too late to love or to f*** somebody. When I was young I thought fifty is the age when you stop f****** the woman. When I reached there I felt I need to f*** my wife and girlfriends more.

    Then I thought sixty is the age to stop f****** but now I am sixty and my wife gets tired while f****** but I want more. So I am fulfilling my needs by f****** my girlfriend who happens to be my cousin.

    Now I think seventy is the age when I will stop f****** women but lets see.

  • Cool lest meet some time

  • You can never be sure that the family wont find out. the risk is part of the thrill but the reality of it being discovered is not a thrill. its horrible. believe me. i know first hand.

  • May be you are not lucky and your spouse is not understanding enough. I cheated on my wife with her younger sister and again with my elder cousin. She never suspected anything. But we love each other to no end. Then I spilled the beans myself to her. My wife told that I must be kidding but I told her to believe me. Then she believed me and told me to be careful and don't let anybody else know. Now I am sixty and she is fifty eight and now she is offering me her best friend to f***. Her best friend is not happy with her husband because he is a j***. When my wife and her best friend talk then my wife always praises me and her friend wants to share me for some fun. My wife has agreed to let her f*** me anytime she wants. We live apart and in coming August her friend is coming to stay with us for a month and my wife has told me to flirt with her and f*** her because she needs love and good f***.

  • 58yo woman here and i would love to have this kind of relationship with a much younger man. i wouldnt go get him just because he was dating my daughter but i would absolutely not avoid him becase of that. cheating on my husband and having this younger man cheating on my daughter would be unbelievably hot. i have 2 daughters one of which is married and one of which is dating and neither of them has a man i would ever want. but if one got with somebody who turned me on i would totaly let him hit this if he wanted it and if he came on to me in a sexy way. no self-respecting woman in her 40s or 50s or 60s would turn down a good-looking young man with a rock hard d*** and a boiling libido just because he happend to be giving it to her daughter. all women love d***. not just young women.

  • Sluttynhmom..AGREES TOTALLY!

  • I love your post. It makes me wish I was around so you could have a look for yourself.
    I am 26 yr old male and have been dating the same girl for over 5 years now. The Problem: I am h**** for her mom (55 yrs old) She is a total MILF and I fantasize about her every time I j*******.
    Any recommendations for me to let her know that I am into her?

  • I have always fantasized about f****** older women. when I was 32, there was a lady who flirted with me at work, was 64 and I masturbated thinking of her constantly. I only wish I'd done what my hormones had told me! Even when I was 12, i would fantasize about my best friend's hot mom and wishing she would seduce me, so we could go upstairs and I could share her bed.

  • I realize that its highly unlikely but do you think theres any possible way that sams attitudes are as liberal as judys and that she would be as open to you f****** her mom as her mom apparently is to you f****** sam?

  • I cheated on my wife with an older woman (not related to my wife) for over 6 months. She was really nasty, and when we f***** it was incredibly hot, but she didn't want s** as often as I did, and even though I always went to meet her when she called needing a f****** and could get away from her husband, she wouldn't always come to meet me when I needed it and could get away from my wife. She just didn't have enough of a s** drive, and so she wasn't giving me what I needed outside my marriage, and as a result, I dumped her because the f****** just wasn't worth the risk. I dumped her on Labor Day weekend, by f****** one of her married friends, and though I've been with several older women since then, I haven't found a decent candidate for the long-term extramarital affair I totally need. I wish to GOD I could find an older woman like the one you have: now THAT would be heaven.

  • EW dont have s** with ur girlfriends mom ever even if u are flirting....


  • Wrong. You gotta keep going for the goal line and eventually wind up ONLY with the mom. Thats just too f****** sexy to pass up. GO FOR IT!

  • The thought of your girlfriend's mother sitting through that dinner with your s**** swirling around inside her and probably seeping out of her t*** damn near made me bust my own nut right here at my desk at the company I work for. Damn fine work, my friend! DAMN fine!!

  • im a woman and what you wrote made me want my daughters boyfriend even more than i already wanted him. i felt horrible about having so much sexual desire for him since im married, hes 34 yrs younger then me, he belongs to my youngest daughter, and his parents are real good freinds of ours. but now that i saw this and saw another woman about my age making such a super hot 'love connection' with you it makes me want this boy carter even more and it lets me beleive it could happen. i can tell he wants me from the ways he looks at me but i have thought it was a crushy thing and not serious heat so i never beleived it was even remotely possible and ive never went after him even in play. im not saying that all of the sudden i think carter and i are going to become a couple like you and judy are a couple (and are soon going to be even more of one) but im just saying that now i think its at least possible when before i never thought that at all. and ive already started thinking of ways to force my husband to buy us a hot tub!! :> THANK YOU FOR THAT!! and your message to older women is really inspirational.

  • Want him or not, your life is not your story anymore. Your children are the people who YOU are supposed to want to be HAPPY FOREVER. Don't make them lose all trust, hope, and faith in you. If you ever did anything with her boyfriend/s then she would loose a mother. Feeling alone. If you want someone younger, go for someone who is NOT related to your family in ANY way.

  • Family is always fun, you don't have to go and look around for another guy who is a good time. When you meet a stranger people can make out what you are upto, but if you f*** in the family no one suspects until you are caught. I am sixty now and I always f***** in the family and was never caught. I love my family girlfriends and they love me. We meet often being family and f*** if we get a chance. It all started when I was nineteen and it is still continuing. I never had a break up with any of my lovers or my only wife. We enjoy each other but keep it secret. No one suspects.

  • for the love of God.......spare me the lecture. i didnt say i was going after carter ........ i just said i was h**** for him and he makes me drip and i was thrilled to know that this sort of relationship DOES happen and fantasies DO come true. i dont intend to attempt to seduce him and while i dont believe he will ever make a move on me i also dont intend to close my legs if he wants to get between them. thats exactly where I want the boy and if he wants to be there I will so totally not let my daughter get in the way of that. if you saw the boy and saw the way he looks at me you would understand. im not going after him but i wont stop him from coming after me.

  • Ooh you ARE going after him..just like me...and you will LUVV IT!sluttynhmom

  • Please if any one ask what between your leg do not refuse

  • I agree with everybody else here: you are totally living out what we can only fantasize about. Once upon a time, I had s** with the aunt of my first wife, but that only happened like three times or so before the excitement got overwhelmed by the risk and we gave it up. But what you are doing is soooooooooo far beyond that, or anything else I've encountered, that it's completely astonishing. Very well done!!!

  • I agree with the wedding plan. Damn, that would be filthy and you would love it. You gotta marry the daughter and fling with the mother AT THE WEDDING. And, of course, forever after the wedding. You are a b***** hero dude.

  • hero is absolutely right although it seems like there should be a better word or higher level of honor jeez man you are really living the m************ dream

  • incredibly hot. love this post.

  • Does the mom try to get you to break it off with the daughter so the two of you can be open about being together? Or does she get off on the cheating as much as you do? Does the mom have a boyfriend of her own?

  • Basically Judy wants me to just kind of let things die between me and Sam so we can be together publicly. Not tear her heart out. Judy doesn't have a bf. Well she introduces me as her bf. Judy has been getting braver lately. She openly flirts with me and when we decide to get in the hot tub she asks me to help her out of her bra. We have f***** in front of Sam countless times without her knowledge.

  • i agree with the other guy who said you should marry the daughter. you should do that just for the wedding. waking up the morning of the ceremony with the mother in your bed, after a night of hot s**. getting her to blow you on the way to the church......and then AT the church. dancing with the mom in front of everybody while she grinds on you or gives you a secret handjob on the dance floor. slipping off to s*** in an empty room of the church while the reception is under way. and then consummating the marriage with the bride's mother in the bed where you'll sleep with her daughter on the first night of your marriage. you are the luckiest man alive and you really have to marry the daughter so you can have that wedding.

  • I actually faked passing out drunk at Judy's house so I could stay there all night. Went to bed with Judy and f***** that night and again that morning. Judy has already told me that she doesn't wanna stop having s**.

  • I admire you and your relationship with both women. It must be hard to keep them compartmentalized and not allow the daughter to know how you feel about her mother. This is a fantastic situation, and I hope it lasts for you. All of us out here are pulling for you, and all of us wish we had this kind of love in our lives.

  • dude you are a very lucky man. my wifes mother is a nasty piece of work who parties and smokes and drinks and cheats and i would give anything to get with her even if it was just once. i fantasize about her all the time and my wife has no idea how i feel about her mom or how bad i want her. i really ache sometimes from my desire for this woman and i m********* thinking about her. i even think about her sometimes when im with my wife i just close my eyes sometimes when im f****** her and i imagine its her mother and sometimes i get carried away imagining its her mom and f*** her a lot harder than usual and when i do my wife always wonders what got into me that night. i dont have the nerve to try to seduce my mother in law but i wish i did because i want her so much. i wish i was you.

  • I think this is the sexiest thing I've read, and it's the sexiest relationship ever. Wow! This is so unbelivably hot! How did it happen the first time? How did you get her to f***? Did she start with you or did you start up with her?

  • I had just had my hot tub installed. Judy(her mom) texted me and asked if we were busy. I told her I was off work but Sam (the gf) was at work. She said she could just come later. I told her it was ok if she wanted to hang out with me. So I was in the hot tub nude when she got there. I wasn't trying to pull anything then. I was just relaxing. She came through the house and out back where I was. We chit chatted about the hot tub. I told her I would get out and we could go inside for a drink. She kinda just stood there. I told her I wasn't wearing anything. She just said, "honey, I've seen a naked man before. Just come on out." So I got out and when I stood up her eyes were fixed on my c*** hanging between my legs. I flirted a bit and said, "Like what you see?" She said, "Actually yes. If only..." I said, "if only what?" My c*** was getting hard looking at her wearing what she was wearing. She reached out and started stroking my c*** and said, "I'd drain you dry." I wrapped my arms around her and went into her shorts and grabbed her ass realizing she didn't have on panties. I said, "Wanna go inside?" She said, "omg, yes. Do we have time?" I said, "yes." She said, "what about Sam?" I said, "She doesn't have to know." We went inside and I took off her clothes. We got on the bed and she started sucking my c***. Man it felt good. Soon we were 69ing. She had an o***** that she moaned out loud about. Then she got on top of me and rode me until we both had o******. Afterwards we spent the next hour naked cuddling and making out. Sam came home soon after and never found out. Judy kisses me goodbye right in front of Sam. On the lips. Sometimes with tongue. Sam has never asked about it or has suspected anything.

  • OMMFG! That's incredible! Thanks for sharing! She sounds totally hot, but you, my good man, are a swordsman extraordinaire! The two of you are meant to be together, really a serious match made in heaven. Do you ever think of it that way? As fate? Like, the reason you met the daughter and got involved with her was ONLY so you would meet her mother? That may be too karma-gooey, but it seems like that to me: that the daughter's only roll in your life was as a means for you and Judy to find each other and make each other as happy as you're making each other right now. Whatever. The affair with Judy is crazy-hot, and your telling us about it is much appreciated.

  • Is the mom hot-looking? Has she always dated outside her marriage while you've known her? I know the daughter doesn't know her mother is doing you, but does she know her mom dates outside the marriage? Do you ever see yourself becoming exclusive with the mother and letting the daughter slide, but still keeping it quiet? Jesus, you have so many options and possibilities with this woman and ALL of them are unbelievably good! This is really incredible!! Thanks for telling us!

  • Yes, she is quite hot. She isn't married. She's been divorced for 10 years. No, I don't plan on ever quitting f****** her. She gives incredible head and f**** better than her daughter!

  • Great fiction, Pervert

  • What if she dies, has a heart attack during s** or something lolol
    OMG when i went to fill out the vertification thing to post this, "JUDY" was the code! Thats creepy

  • You really truly are THE MAN!!!!!

  • This is very, very sexy. and i'm very, very envious.

  • Seriously dude you really do rock like a f****** madman!! i wish i was even half as lucky as you!!! you gotta really gotta keep doing the mother!!!! damn!!!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mom sounds like a really really nasty piece. Whatever you do, do NOT give that up. Marry the daughter if you have to, but do not let mom get away from you. She's the sort who would love doing you while you're married to her daughter, and the wedding would be a wonderful opportunity for the two of you to carry out some spectacular perversions. YOU ARE THE F****** MAN!!

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