Bad timing busted by mom

Bad timing busted by mom just as i was shooting a load into my gfs mouth . im 17 my gfs 16 . my moms jaw fell open and she screamed as kayla my gf licked her lips . My mom threw kayla out . just to p*** mom off i ask her if she liked my d*** ! she slapped me than hugged me saying she was sorry . I got a hardon hugging my mom .? was it because i was h**** or am i attracted to my mom .? Please help i gotta know

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  • my mum likes my 9inch c***

  • duhhhh my mummy loves my 15 inch c***!
    u fucken r*****

  • yeah u should try to and see what happens like get mom in ur bed then call ur g/f to come over

  • If you do yiu better write about it on her.

  • You need to bring mom a present...tell her not to be jealous of Kayla...tell her that you want to have s** with her too.

  • Wish I'd been there to witness this.

    And yes, your mom wants to f*** you.

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