Lost in love

Seven years into this affair. I still remember the first night and us swearing this would never happen again. Now me married and unhappy and you two girlfriends later. I know you fell in love with me once. I felt it. I saw it in your actions, on your face, the changes in the way we talked. I wish I could just say it to you. That I am in love with you. I don't think you are in love with me now. I think you have settled in, like me, into a comfortable home but not a happy one. I know being together is nearly impossible considering the small community we live in and the drama it would create...but I dream of you so much. I literally dream of you, never of my husband. It freaks me out. I want to figure out if the grass really is greener with you. I truly believe its gonna be. I just do not know how to make you mine. I'm so scared to lose you if I tell you those silly little words.



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  • Do it. DO it. Just do it :'( just say those words to him.

    if it is hard to do it infront of everybode
    then send him an email or a letter or the radio he listens to
    and say something he only would know and then
    tell him to meet you at this place you both would only know.

    please do it don't cry when you are old thinking what if?

    maybe this will ruin your life but at least you are released from the crapy chains....

    good luck.

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