I hate it when White males leave their partner for Asians.

I have been dating for sometime now and I have been experiencing this a lot lately, I like White male and have only dated White men. But this has happen to me twice, two of my past boyfriends have left for some short Filipino guy, who is basically a blonde girl wanna be. I hate being racist in anyway but this has caused me so much anger in my life, I mean I am so afraid to date now a days and I avoid having any contact with any gay Asian male.

The interesting part and I think is what has really got my attention is that both of the guy's who my exes have left for were not attractive to me in anyway, I mean I don't think they would be consider attractive to most of the public, but hey everyone has their taste as weird as it is.
Both of the guys were short, dark( not golden tan, or at least Hispanic looking) but dark in not a beautiful African
glowing skin, but red dark skin with some weird type of acne or skin rash that a lot of Filipinos get. They were both in Fashion school, and they thought they were the sh*t, I mean I don't consider my self to be in their level. I am 6'1, fit, light tan olive skin, light brown eyes, brunette. Both of my last bf's were blonde,one was 6'2, the other was 6'4. I just don't get why would they leave me for a 5'2/ 5'5 troll. My theory is that is a fetish, I mean if I was to date an Asian I would much rather date a Chinese, Korean, or Japanese than a South East Asian. My theory is that is a fetish, and also the area where I live has something to do with the effect, btw I live in San Francisco, Ca. Which many will say it's little Manila USA. To end this confession last week I was in Westfield in downtown San Francisco and I saw about two or four couples, one a tall good looking white male dating a South East Asian which was not as attractive as its partner. I think I am crazy and am getting therapy but I just needed to get this out of my system.

Sep 27, 2012

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  • This is a perfectly normal feeling , you have a right to like and choose your dates or your dating partner . Personally Myself I do not ever want to date an Asian or Black person . I find most Blacks so ghettoish , and disrespectful , Asians often tend to be to themselves . But I do not tell them anything , I just stay away . It is not the color of their skin which varies tremendously , it is do they respect me for whom I am ? I find blacks the worst and most disrespectful of any one . Latinos can also be but I tend to get along with latinos better . It is not against the law to choose anyone we want to be around , we are not the government or hire anyone we are only human , treat me with respect and you get the same thing . I get so sick of idiots whom say I have to like some friggin idiot , to h*** with them .

  • Brunet* otherwise, I have nothing to do for you.

  • Whatever you stupid b****! We Filipinos are way better looking! We were conquer by the Spanish so yeah get you're facts together people that makes us European! We are also Japanese, Chinese.
    So stop hating stupid people!

  • Wow! So dumb but true, I am Chinese and I have seen this mainly happen with SE Asians. We northern Asians like to marry people of our own nationality. SE Asians are obsess with being white and accepted by Americans and Europeans.
    Btw those comments below are so stupid and more ignorant, than the idiot who posted the confession. Just because someone conquer a place doesn't mean the native people become a different race. Filipinos are of Malay decent not European, less than 1% of Filipinos have true Spanish blood. Look it up in Yahoo answers....

  • You are a stupid b****! We Filipinos are Spanish basically Europeans!!! I don't get why the world can't accept that fact!!! The Spanish really lived in our islands for a long time! That's why many Filipino's have surnames like; Alqueza, Chavez, Gomez, Ramirez. Such an ignorant idiot!

    The European Union should allow Filipinos to travel and be part of the Euro zone!!! We are European, not Asians!!

  • OMG! I have lived the same experience, it's like a disease!
    I mean I don't get it? Why would my ex leave me for an ugly short, charcoal face woman? I mean I am blonde, blue eyes, fit. To make the story more outrageous, she was illegally in the U.S! She came from Bangkok and I guess she was looking for papers and money! I am not surprise of what happened to you, they are like roaches.

  • You're just an ignorant dumb b****, I am filipino and that is in fact racist, you probably got f***** in the ass by one thats why you hate them so much

  • Wow! What an ignorant a****** right? By the way start working on you're grammar, you need to capitalize the first letter in Filipino. I am just sick of stupid White guys/ woman's thinking that we Asians steal their husband's. Just because they want to escape their h*** doesn't mean it's our fault. I am Filipino, I like fashion, and big muscle White man and so what? Just because we are much more attractive than stupid White twinks, doesn't mean it's our fault! I mean look at Bryan Boy he is gay and Filipino and he gets to date and hot White model that he wants. Filipinos should be consider Europeans because the Spanish lived in our islands for 600 years, so that makes us Spanish. My great great great grandmother was Spanish, she eve specked the language.

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