Belly Fetish

Okay so, a lot of people have the same belly fetish but mine is different. I have a fetish for seeing a guy’s stomach when he laughs. The motion and contraction of the stomach turns me on completely. Especially when the guy has a very deep laugh or wheezy laugh it makes me go crazy. I just want to get on top of his stomach so bad and wrap my legs around him. Ik it’s weird but that’s my confession. Anyone else have this?

May 5, 2020

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  • I like girls punching my stomach especially the upper part solar plexus very arousing

  • I just like feeling men's stomachs, as long as they are not fat.
    I love to feel it going up and down and things like that.

  • Same here, expect that i also love beer bellies.

  • You’re not alone, i got this fetish too.

  • Really?!, how do you deal with it, I’ve never known of anyone else having it!

  • Oh ffs. Do you EVER change your clueless riff? How many of these "confessions" have you put up by now, and every single one of them has "someone" saying "wow, I thought I was the only one"?

    OCD sounds like h***.

  • You know, i’m aromantic asexual so i’m not attracted to anyone, expect fictional characters. So no one knows about my fetishes. This fetish is one of them. It just turns me so much on when a man laughs and his stomach is moving(especially fat bellies). Like you it especially turns me on when his voice is very deep or has a wheezy laugh. I know that not so many got this fetish but that’s fine with me. At least it’s not hurting anyone even though i’m kind of embarrassed about my many weird fetishes.

  • I wish it was normalized so it wouldn’t be so difficult

  • As long as it’s not fetishes that hurt anybody, it’s perfectly normal.
    Some people don’t understand it and consider it as weird and unusual.
    I don’t care what people say about it, i’m just being me and having my own sexual fantasies. Don’t worry dear you will find someone who will accept you fetish, if you just keep waiting. Everything comes to those who waits

  • Is there anything you watch for your fetish?

  • Since i have a great imagination, i just fantasies about my fetish. I don’t watch p*** and in some weird way watching videos or pictures of someone practicing my fetish actually ruins my sexual fantasies. Of course i do watch some vids and pics but i mostly prefer using my imaginations.

  • Oh that’s cool cause I was just wondering if you had any suggestions.

  • Nah not now.

  • Add me on snap : fvirtualfiesta

  • Are you m Or f?
    in the UK?

  • Female and no not in UK

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