Stuffed Belly Fetish

Hi, I have 17 years and I'm a girl. I have a weird fetish, I like guys with big bellies. I'm thin and I don't want to get fat, my fetish is only in boys. If any guy who has a big belly or like feeding/bloated/stuffing or something wants to contact with me, send me a message for here and I will give my kik.:)

Sep 28, 2014


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  • Anyone else into contrasts of thin and fat?

  • Still into stuffing fat guys, or was it just a phase?

  • If you're a girl who loves making men fat, you'll have an endless line of suitors. Just head to feabie or fantasyfeeder, mention the term female feeder wanting to make a guy fat or fatter, and brace yourself for the attention :)

    You can pick from skinny guys, chubby guys, fat guys all wanting to grow FAT, fatter, or huge. Rich, artistic, young, old, you name it. Just be careful and take your time before meeting someone in person. But, seriously so many to pick from.

  • So true. Are you on both? What’s been your experience?

  • Msg me at jcas1993 😉

  • Msg me at James82904. I enjoy stuffing myself

  • If you do want to chat airlo79

  • I have a belly fetish do you wanna chat

  • I have a belly fetish too and I'm a guy. Wanna chat?

  • Me too but i am a guy and like to see round belly girl

  • Chubbylover1072

  • Do you have instagram?

  • Here's my mom coolman179 I weigh 248lbs. I need to be fed and want my stomach bigger

  • Hey there I have a belly fetish but it's a weird one a girl pretends there is an alien in her belly ( a girl who is not pregnant) and moves her belly making it look like an alien is moving around trying to get out

  • Hey there

  • I wrote the wrong kik. This is the right one: SpaZeMuFFiN

  • Hi, i am Norwegian. Add me: iverlangoy

  • Kik me jess_do_it69

  • I'm the same way, only gay. It's not weird, it has it's own community of people that love the way they are with this fetish. I believe for FFA's such as yourself a quick google search will be helpful to learn about them, and when you turn 18 you can begin getting to know other people who share this interest.

    Two words of advice about this, though:

    a) Be careful and be reasonable. The men (or women, either way) on those sites can be very persuasive and sound like great people but when it comes to meeting in person they flake out. So don't let someone sweet talk you into anything without fully understanding the consequences.

    2) In the same way, don't pressure someone to change their body unless you are given the express permission to do so. As someone who is intentionally gaining, a few kind words like "you look great with the extra weight" go a long way in helping fight judgement of others that comes with being overweight, but feeling unsure about gaining weight for someone else and being continually pressured by them gets pretty emotionally exhausting. Try to avoid it.

    Otherwise, have fun and stay healthy, even if you are not the one who will be gaining weight.

  • Thank you so much for your support, and sorry for the delay, I forgot my post here because I found a web with my fetish, called Fantasy Feeder.

  • Your considered a FFA in the bbw community it means Female fat admirer, im a 27 year old guy and im more of a FA/ feeder/encourager and i love ssbbw's

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