Why? WHY???!?

Why do you keep going home to your wife? I'm younger, I'm hotter, I do dirtier things, I'm prettier, I have bigger t*** and a tighter p****, I give up the ass, and I'm better in bed. She has nothing to offer you that I'm not giving you more or better. NOTHING. And please don't f****** tell me it's your f****** children, for f***'s sake. I'll give you new children and they'll be lots better than the s***** ones she gave you. If you would think about it you would see that I make you happier and I'm better for you, and you would never go home to that b****.

Sep 28, 2012

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  • BS Alert going full steam

  • Conceited and delusional.

  • Jesus, girl! You are seriously, SERIOUSLY sexy!!!!!!! I wish MY mistress was this persistent and focused and interested! And even half this sexy! Damn!! DAMN!!!!

  • You sound like a s***... no offense.
    And a homewrecker. Why did you get with a married man in the first place?
    And why do you want him for yourself? If he's cheating on his wife with you, don't you think that when you have him, he'll find someone hotter, dirtier, prettier, with bigger t*** and cheat on you with HER?
    And really.. you shouldn't be talking about the children. That is SO disrespectful, and they can't help that their father is cheating with some w****.
    And this is coming from a 17 year old. Terrible how a teenager has more common sense than whatever you are.

  • She it's a s*** and a home wrecker.

  • I'm the hottest and nastiest piece of ass this man has ever had in his entire life: I made sure of that. And a man simply never forgets the hottest and nastiest piece of ass he gets. You're old enough to know that, but if you don't, you should. When you find a man you want to keep, like I want to keep this one, you need to make yourself into the hottest and nastiest piece of ass he ever gets. Talk to him while you've got him between your legs, and find out what he likes, find out what he's never gotten, find out what his wife isn't giving him, find out what his mistresses aren't giving him, and then do ALL that, and keep on doing it. If you do that, you won't ever have to worry about him looking around, because he'll already be getting everything he'd be looking for, and he'll be getting between YOUR legs. Make that your goal, and your men will never cheat on you. They won't have to. [And, it is so NOT disrespectul to talk about the s***** children this wife gave him: they are miserable little turds. I will give him much, MUCH better kids.]

  • Lol shut the f*** up, ur p**** wont be tight after me n mt dog pay you a little visit! 'chuckle chuckle'

  • i had a relationship like yours and eventually i had to use threats to get him to leave. i threatened to tell his wife and kids about us, and i made several vids of him f****** me in their house and in my condo and in his office, and i made recordings of him telling me how much better of a f*** i was than her and promising to leave her and their kids to be with me because our f****** was so incredible, and i recorded him telling me that he wanted new kids with me. once he saw how filthy the vids were and heard himself on the recordings, and once he saw that i meant business and would totally use them, he finally decided to move out on them and move in with me. that was 2 yrs ago and weve already had one child. you might have to do something like that to get your man. just dont ever think he "belongs" to her just because he lives with her. he belongs to you because he cheats on her and comes to you for something better. dont let her keep getting in your way. she hasnt made the effort to keep him: you have and you need to get him away from that horrible b**** he married by mistake. hes yours and you need to act like it and totally break him up from her and those s***** children. do whatever you have to do but go get your man. good luck to you.

  • Just don't think your husband belongs to you either.. once a cheater, always a cheater. He's making a video now with some other tramp. Just a matter of time, before he leaves you for her. And given your attitude.. you deserve it.

  • You should know, you sound like a person of experience...

  • hes not cheating on me. i havent ever given any man a reason to cheat and this one isnt any different. he loves my p**** so much he could never even look at another woman. believe me its true.

  • This rant pretty much sums up why this guy would never leave his wife for you. Oh and.. there will always be someone younger, hotter, dirtier and prettier with larger t*** then you..so don't think you're that special.


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