My best friend stresses me to no end...

Sometimes I want to just shut her out of my life.
I have been best friends with her for over 2 years.
She just turned 16, I am almost 18. I'm like a role model to her, she wants to be like me, but she never listens to me.
When we first became friends, she was dating this guy who was violent, a druggie, a delinquent and a cheater. She dated him for 8 mos. He raped her. I knew how bad he was the whole relationship, I tried to tell her what would happen but she wouldn't listen.
Then she started dating a guy 3 years older than her. He was a pothead, controlling, a high school dropout, and he cheated. Same with the first one, I tried to tell her but she didn't listen. They dated 1 1/2 yrs. She just broke up with him a month ago, and then got with a 15 year old the next day.
He was a pot dealer, claimed he quit for her, he didn't. He was a player. I saw everything, and she didn't. I tried to tell her and she didn't listen.
She just broke up with him and now is dating a 19 year old that I know nothing about.
After every boyfriend, she says, "I should've listened to you. I promise I will next time. You're always right." But when I tell her that it's a bad guy or something, she says, "Just let me figure it out on my own, I'm a big girl, I'm mature."
And it f****** drives me absolutely nuts! She is NOT mature. She keeps dating the same types of guys and then wonders why she keeps getting hurt. Sometimes I just want to tell her to f*** off and never talk to me again, because all she ever talks about is the new guy she's dating, and what they do together. We never talk about other things, like we did when we first became friends. It's just so frustrating. >:/

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  • UGHH sounds really frustrating.
    but you can't leave her.
    She's always picking the wrong guy and will need someone who'll show her the right path.
    Without you, her life would probably be WORSE.
    This isn't a reason to leave,
    this is a reason to stay.

  • She just got back with the guy she dated for a year and a half. He got her name tattooed on his chest the day after they made up. And now she's going to get his name. >.< UGH!

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