I have a girlfriend of 5 years and soon to be 6 months.

I love the way she is, she cares about me and helps me with grown up stuff because i'm still a bit childish. she had to grow up much faster then me hence all the-grown-up-help.

MY problem is I don't love her the way i should. I want to be free and young and just do whatever i want but i always have to focus on her. She has accepted me to do more things for myself like for ex school and hanging out with friends.

Recently i've become friends with a girl, like realy intense, friendship. we get each other we like the same things i love how her hair smells and that she always kind of need my help like she needs me and she makes me feel masculine and so on.

I'm not in love with her but i think about her all the time and she always helps me with my girlfriend when my girlfriend becomes crazy jealous :/ and i have sexual thoughts about her and i always plan thinks we can do together. AND we do! we play lego together, we dance together, we do everything together except the s** part but i don't care i love her company but

what the f*** should i do :@

oh yeah and i'm trans and she is straight but she loves when i hug her and its tricky :/:/:/::/

the question is should i brake up with my girlfriend?

Sep 30, 2012

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  • You were way more than "a bit" childish when you wrote this 8 years ago. I doubt much has changed; somebody like you doesn't snap back from where you were here. You're going to be what a friend of mine calls an "injured baby bird" all. your. life.

  • Does this new girl know you're trans? People break up relationships for a number of reasons. Maybe you have outgrown one another.But you've invested 5 years of your life with someone and it doesn't sound like you two have huge issues that you couldn't work on. Sounds also like your girlfriend takes on a parent role and that may not be good either. Breaking up..that is really up to you. You either work on your relationship. Or you break up and work on yourself. Give yourself sometime before diving into another relationship. Don't break up with your girlfriend because you think that this other girl may or may not be interested...a lot to gamble on.

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