Lesbian wife?

I have had s** with another woman while my husband is at work. It started a month ago. I had a friend over. We had been talking for a couple weeks about me being bicurious and h**** all the time. We decided to just go for it and see if I liked it and I did. Now my husband wants to know why I bought a double ended d****. I told him just so I can m********* with it. I didn't tell him it was so Sarah and I could f*** using it. He would be ok with it if I told him and would probably want to join, but I don't want him to join. I really enjoy the lesbian s**.

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  • I sort of had the same problem. I am married and quite happy, but two years ago a female friend and I were just feeling h**** one day when she was over and we were having coffee. Just feeling daring and for fun, we decided to try a masturbating together. It turned out quite exciting and pleasurable, and it wasn't long before we began to enjoy mutual masturbation and it became something of a hobby for the two of us. We both began to feel quite comfortable with having a little bit of a between females love relationship, and we talked about this, and decided not to feel guilty about it, and that it was privately just something for ourselves, and had nothing to do with our being married. And no, neither of us plan to involve our husbands, because we would be right back to male s**, and that would spoil everything and make it ordinary. My advice would be to simply not worry about it, and put this into the right contex.

  • Being married I wouldn't mind but I'd wanna know about it and If I couldn't atleast watch or have some interaction I'd probably consider it cheating... if you can't stop or won't let him watch you may as well leave him for... happens all the time

  • Why the f*** is you married? That's counterproductive.

  • Sounds hot

  • You must have the dumbest husband on the planet.

  • GREAT!!! maybe your husband can have s** with anothe women, that would make him happy..... what would yu say about that.... let us know okay ....

  • I wouldn't mind if he had a f*** buddy. Just a threesome is out of the question.

  • You're supposed to be it.

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