I wonder if black people sit around

I wonder if black people sit around talking to each other about how bad they can't stand us and all the reasons why as much as we do about them.

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  • To the comment #6: I do not know if this is even worth my time, but there is a reason why the stats say that most crime is committed by black people: they are the ones being persecuted by people like you! It is perfectly fine and dandy for a suburban housewife to pop pain pills all day and then drive her kids to soccer pracitce, but if an inner-city black mother smokes crack, she goes to prison. I am not advocating drug use of any kind, I am just trying to show you that there is no fairness in the prosecution of such crimes. When a white collar criminal steals millions of dollars from a comppany (and all the blue-collar workers), he is usually pled out because of his million dollar attorney. A black man who steals 100 dollars from a gas station is sent to prison for 15-20 years! Where is the justice in that? Also, I just want to point out that you may want to shift your views just a little bit, because in the next 25 years, you will be the minority!

  • They do.

  • Indeed.

  • Take up masturbation.

    It helps you get along with all people.

  • You are the type of person that makes me despise being alive.

    p.s. I am WHITE.

  • one word; education.

  • To the comment above: you do a fine job of concealing your ignorance within your eloquent writings. However, you are making some baseless statements that require no thought. Sure, blacks have an unproportionately high crime rate. They also have an unproportionately high number of police in their neighborhoods. If they concentrated cops in trailor parks, performed illegal searches without probable cause, and contributed to the poverty of whites, what would the crime rate indicate about white people? If you've ever taken stats class, you know how insignificant the percentages you're throwing out here are. There are way too many variables that are not accounted for.

    It's interesting you say that the blacks cannot prosper without the help of the whites. Didn't the whites spend a centuries on this continent setting ourselves up for success through the use of free slave labor? I implore you to find one example of a prosperous country whose spoils did not come from the exploitation of a different ethnic group.

    Minorities are growing at an alarming rate? What are you? German? Irish? Polish? Whatever you are, your family was also a minority here at one point. Good thing they didn't find your family threatening, otherwise you'd be stuck in liberal, progressive Europe!

  • History will show that one of the worst mistakes this country has made was to free the slaves and then KEEP them. Wherever there are large groups of blacks, Order breaks down. On a daily basis your children are assaulted, raped, terrorized and murdered by the people you would protect in order to not offend them, yet you turn a blind eye to this so as to not be labeled a racist.

    Nationwide the blacks are 12% of the population and are responsible for 70% of the crime, but that seems to be alright with you in order to have a few sports stars, rap artists, etc. Meanwhile a huge portion of your taxes go to maintain the entitlement programs, keep the Peace, and try to salvage some kind of educational system.

    Simply put, the blacks can not make it without the help of the whites. Show Me a place on this planet where blacks are doing well without the assistance of others. We disassembled the system in Rwanda, and as a result of the whites leaving the blacks to their own devices, a million people died in 100 days. This is the Future you would leave to your children.

    Presently minorities make up 25% of our population and it is growing at an alarming rate. Soon it will be irreversible. This is the Legacy you leave behind, and if you do not believe that, just replay the Rodney King race riots in LA: the violence, the fires, the looting. That is the Future, there are just not enough of them yet.

    You would brag about "not" being racist, when it so clearly is the more responsible position to take if you want your Country to survive and your children able to walk the streets in Peace.

  • I am a white guy who grew up in Evanston, IL, which is one of the most racially diverse communities in the country. Some of my best friends are black. So is my girlfriend.

    I went to college in Ohio and was dumbfounded by the amount of dumb I found in whites' arguments against blacks. First of all, blacks are a minority. If you've ever had the chance to go to KFC and be the only white person, I'm sure that it was a somewhat uncomfortable situation. The only thing is, you could leave and go back to a world dominated by people who think, talk, and look just like you. The black community is living in a world that was not made for them. True, a lot is being done to include them nowadays, but a few years of 'making good' does not reverse the social structure that was erected during times when blacks were considered less than human. And this era I'm referring to did not end when slavery abolished; unfortunately, we're still living in it.

    I find it highly unlikely that you can make an argument as to why your life has depreciated as a result of the 10% of Americans who happen to possess melanin, making thier skin darker. It is quite likely, on the other hand, that you are engaging in a game of finger-pointing that is more convenient than true, since it does not force you to look at yourself and figure out the reasons that you can't stand yourself.

    Is racism still really the 'cool thing to do?' You've obviously never been in a situation where you were the minority, unless you found yourself surrounded by great people.

  • who is "WE"? Not all white people are white-power a******* like you.I have no problem with black people.

  • I guess some do and some don't - and those who do are racist - black / white - it's the same difference.

    I'm proud to say I don't, life is too short!

  • Black people do it and you know it.
    But heaven forbid we call a black person a n*****. And no, not all blacks are n******, but f*** they can play the poor me card and it's all fine and dandy, white people do and we're racist.
    F*** IT

  • Can't stand 'us'? Go f*** yourself with your over-generalizations. You do NOT represent the rest of 'us' with your views. Black comedians will point out the differences of culture in jest but as a white guy I don't take myself seriously and can take the jibes. I laugh my ass off. I laugh because 10 minutes later the comedian he's making fun of himself and his own social situations.

    I'm a white guy who's lived in muslim countries for 1/4 of my life. I know racism but had to accept it as there was no concept of being politically correct. There was racial comments and vocabulary wasn't restricted, but it wasn't mean spirited either. They would touch me and poke me to see if my white skin felt different. They would pat my blond hair to see if it was different. They didn't understand freckles. I was truly a minority but that didn't bother me.

    I've had great friends who were black. They were not African American, they were friends who happened to be black, like I happen to be white. Making differentiations between the two shows ignorance and labels you a bigot. Just live your life without labels and judge each person by their actions. Not by filtering them through your racist lens. Troll.

  • Not this black person - I'm too busy enjoying life with my family and friends who happen to be people of all races and who I love regardless of the colour of their skin.

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