My daughter

My beautiful daughter is now dancing as a stripper and has done p***. I have been having fantacies about her now and its hard to hide my feelings to her. I wish i was a better dad and not think about her like this..

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  • Ur beautiful has a beautiful p**** which gets wet and itchy and she needs men to care for it

  • My dad got me drunk a few weeks ago cuz i wanted to try it cuz my mom was not home. it was so cool at first and i loved it. Then I got confussed when my dad wanted to take pictures of me in my bra and panties but i felt like OK this feels good so I let him but i got so drunk i lost control of how i felt. Like i was a different person or something. he took my panties off and kissed and licked me down there and it felt so good. I lost my virginity to my dad and I hate to admit it but it felt so good but now i am confussed how i feel. I want him to do it again but i know its wrong.. ugg

  • My dad and pretty much every man i meet has wanted to f*** me since i was 13. I fantacize about that with my dad! so weird.

  • If she is stripping and has done p*** any chance that you could offer her money for a good f***? At least then it is out there and maybe you could work something out together

  • I am lucky to have a very beautiful and hot daughter but I became obsessed with her sexually when she was about 13 - she looked much older and I thought about having s** with her all the time. Now a few years later I m********* 3 to 4 times a day thinking about her f****** me and doing all the things her mom use to do for me - sucking my d*** and swallowing my c** .. my fav. I also have fantacies about her having s** with other men so I can join in with them and gang bang her and f*** her up her ass hole. I know its wrong but this obsession is with my daughter is so overwelming. I can only hope that she gets into p*** and kinky stuff so I can finally have my d*** in her sweet p****. So to all you HOT girls out there .. does your dad want to f*** you? I know im not the only one.

  • I constantly fantacize about my very hot daughter - she is 17 and I think about her doing p*** with me and letting me teach her how to have s**. and she knows that i feel this way about her and I know that she would let me .. but she wont admit it. going to bed with her panties and gonna o***** on them just for her so she can wear them with my c** on her wet p**** 2mrw. sorry hun .. just the way i am. daddy wants to ... do everything to you!!

  • I guarantee you that EVERY man is thinking the same things about her... its just biological... just rein yourself in and DONT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT.
    ... got a link to any of her vids though? hey, i'm not her daddy... yet...

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