Very very very very angry

So ok my boyfriend left his wife and kid and moved in with me at the begining of last month and that made me happy. but i think hes still f****** that other stripper that he was f****** before he met me at that club where she still works and that s*** is gonna have to stop. when i quit dancing the deal was that he wouldnt go back in the club but i think he still is and that girl is nasty and i dont want nothing of what shes got cuz shes filthy.

Aug 3, 2012

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  • For the most part, i agree with the earlier sentiments.
    Can you really trust a man that obviously shouldnt have been trusted by his own WIFE and CHILD? Does this really surprise you so much?
    It is a shame though... i guess there are occasions that a man leaves his family for a genuine new love, but even so this kind of thing should have been on some kind of watch list for you, shouldnt it?
    Stand up to him, you have the chance to do something his wife and child didnt have the luxury of, perhaps, to confront him about his deplorable behaviour. Stop thinking you somehow deserve better treatment when not long ago, you yourself were the other woman. It sounds like maybe this guy just has a thing for strippers anyway, and you stopping might have been the bullet in your foot, as it were.

  • This is karma in action. You took him from his wife. Your former "colleague" is taking him from you. However,
    she's not doing this to you: you did it to yourself.

  • he left his wife and kid for you, what makes you think he'll stick around for you. newsflash. he won't, he'll leave you same way he left his family for another cheap s***. peace.

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