I wish I had the body and confidence AND dance skills to be a stripper so I wouldn't have to work at a fast food restaurant

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  • Any chick can strip and dance just take ya gear off most men cannot remember your face . You will enjoy the attention good confidence builder
    and remember more skin less clothes

  • Gotta be honest. Hot friend of mine who worked at sports bar I go to quit working there as a hostess, making no money, and started at a local, decent strip place. Those places aren't my thing, but, she asked me to go see her, and I did..Awesome body, and, apparently the other girls taught her how to dance.

    Not saying it's for everybody, or, long-term, but, she looks better than ever, can afford new clothes, her car payment, and has herself in position to move to the next thing whenever she wants. I may want her more now than before!

    Do it and use it as a stepping stone. My friend is doing great with it.

  • I can recommend prostitution, iv been one for 3yrs, payed my mortgage off, have a nice car. Just from f****** 4 men a day 5days a week.

  • Just post ads on line b******* for money.

  • Don't parents teach kids about real work anymore? Or the fact that even if you have a stripper body - you won't always. No mean come on - do you really see yourself on a stripper pole at the age of 50? Do you like to eat? Have a roof over your head? If you answered Yes to any of those 2 ?'s then go back to school get a good job (medical field, teaching, accounting). You can't depend on men anymore either! Just sayin!

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