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Every time I go on a business trip out of state I immediately take of my wedding ring and act single. It feels so liberating and I literally feel like a different person. At home I pretty much stay in and hang out with the kids and watch tv. When I get get to travel I go out to bars and clubs every night I can and try to pick up women. I have made out on dance floors and brought women back to my hotel for the night. I always use protection and give a fake name. It has been fantastic but now I have the new iPhone and my wife randomly face times me so I have no idea how to keep this up and get away with it as easily. I have come to depend on these releases for my own sexual needs and now I'm affraid I'm taking a much bigger risk. Anyone know how to make excuses for repeatedly not taking face time calls???

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  • I need a business trip paid for me. so someone should make her hand it over seeing she cause me problems. I need to win the lotto. that is my miracle.

  • One excuse is I am busy preparing a paper for tomorrow. Another is I got drunk and need my sleep. Another I am exhausted and am turning in early. They worked me good today. I was all over the place doing thing for the boss.

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  • Hmmmmmmm...makes me wonder if the wife is randomly face time calling you because she suspects what's up with you when you're out of town...oh by the way, there's no such thing as safe s**...HPV AND HSV get around condoms. You're probably going to bring something home to her later and she'll know what you've been doing. That's what happens when you f*** strangers you don't know.

  • Airplane mode on your Iphone when you are out getting your release. Later, turn airplane mode off and act like your battery was dead or you were in a no-signal area or something. You gotta be a bit more creative.

  • No... it'd start looking really suspicious if that happens too often... mix it up with a few different excuses maybe, including "out with *insert name*" that you're on the business trip to see... colleagues, clients, whichever.
    Still... it might start to look suspicious if you never answer a face time call ever...

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