My Dads Young Girlfriend

My dad was always a weird and violent man. long story short I went to visit him in Colorado when I was 17. what he didn't tell me is he recently got arrested for domestic violence with his girlfriend and he had court. he had a huge record so I knew he was screwed. anyway I got to meet his gf who I did not expect to be a 20 year old girl ( dad was probably 42 at the time). so he goes to court and they give him work release. he has to work then go straight to the jail for 2 months or so. so I was left to take care of the house with his young gf. he came by before going to the jail one night to gather mail and when he left I went to his room where his gf was and she had just gotten home from work before he came. I asked her if she was hungry and all that trying to be nice. she declined and went to shower. I came back once she was done not wanting to leave her alone and sad. I sat in the chair by their bed and we started watching die hard I think. she offered me a sour patch kid and I take it and move my position to the bed. I wasn't even thinking about me and her having s** until she asked me if I thought she was pretty. I said yes you are and she smiled and asked how old I was again and I said 17. she asked if I had a great and I said no because I'm here. she then told me that people knew she was to young for my dad and he was violent and controlling and I agreed and told her I dealt with him my whole life. she said I seemed to nice to be his son and gave me a flirty smile. that's when I got the feeling that I could f*** my dads gf. they weren't going to last anyway. I sat by her on the bed and was just honest rather than the awkward not knowing who should make a move. I told she was very pretty and she could do way better than my dad. I asked her if she wanted to get close in the bed and fool around and she said yes. I got under the comforter with her and we immediately started making out and running our hands all over eachother. she kept slightly nudging my d*** while rubbing my thigh. I started grabbing her t*** under her night shirt. she was pretty petite which I liked. t*** were definitely small Bs. while I was feeling her up she reaches in my shorts and pulled my d*** out and slowly stroked it. we continued to kiss while I reached into her pajamas and started rubbing and grabbing her smooth ass. we both slipped out of clothes and got all the way under the blankets. I could barely see her but what I felt was a smooth hairless p**** on my fingers. I started to finger her while licking her b******. it only took about 20 seconds of that before she grabbed my c*** fiercely and yanked me towards her. she guided me to her p**** and I had to work the head in a few times. she was almost to wet but I didn't care. I pushed all the way inside her and she moaned so loud. thank god it was just us there. I didn't feel bad or wrong about this at all. here I am f****** my dads gf and not one part of me cared. she was just to sweet to pass up. I f***** her in all types of positions for almost an hour and a half. she let me do anything except put it in her ass. I was bummed out but not much. she let me finger it though. we both came countless times and that night we even fell asleep with eachother in the bed. it felt so right and we had just known eachotger for a short time. everyday after that we continued to have s** every single night and my dad never ever knew. here he was serving work release and paying for the house while I was there the whole time f****** his gf. eventually it stopped because I went back to my moms in another state but we kept in touch and she would send me nudes and videos of her getting off. I'd do the same for her. like I said her and my dad never lasted and to this day whenever I'm in town there I will make sure she knows so we can relive the night we both settled a score with a man who did is wrong.

true story.

Jul 26, 2016

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