What just happened.

I was in the lobby bar at the hotel/casino I was staying at last weekend while out of town for work, I am 42 and I think I look ok for my age but a young girl came up and was chatting me up a bit. At first I thought she was out of my league then I thought maybe she was a "Professional" but as we talked it turned out she was just looking for a hookup, I bought her a few drinks thinking she would eventually come to her senses and lock onto a younger guy but she kept coming back.
By the time the bartender said she was gonna wrap up it was probably 2:00 or something and this girl was pretty flirty, I invited her up to my room and paid my bill, The bartender who was also female and not at all bad looking herself but a lesbian looked her up and down then at me and smiled winking at me nodding her head in approval. We went upstairs and when I say hot I mean hot, This girl as I found out is 19, About 5'4"ish, Beautiful, Amazing legs, Huge, perfect b****** and shaved bald. She got on her knees and pulled my pants down, My heart was racing pumping blood so fast that I couldn't have kept it soft if I tried, It flopped out and she pulled back looking at it then looked at me and said "Oh s***", I looked down and she looked at me, I smiled and before I knew it she was sucking it.
I picked her up and tossed her on the bed, Got her clothes off and marveled at the body on her, It is hard to describe her accurately since she is SOOOO hot. She rocked my world before putting her legs up on my shoulders, Flat on her back, sucking her own nip while I pounded her and went into convulsions leaving my bed soaked so bad I had to sleep on the couch. In the morning she sneaked out and went wherever she went and I showered and went to work, That night I was back in the lobby bar and the bartender comes up, Looks at me and smiles saying "Hi, How are you?", I said "Good" and she looked around, Leaned over to me and said "Did you take her back to your room?", I smiled and chuckled and she raised her eyebrows nodding her head, We talked a bit as she served drinks and kept coming back, She was definitely more interested in her than me and then she looks past me and says "Well, You did something right", I turn around and the hot girl from the night before walks up, Looks at me and says "Can I sit?".
She sat and we talked for a bit, She said "Last night was...Was...I don't know what it was, I have never had a night like that", she told me she had never came like that and hadn't stopped thinking about me all day, My new bartender friend was quite interested in her and was checking her out every chance she had, She got up to go to the washroom and we both stared as she walked away in a short little dress, As soon as she went into the bathroom the bartender came over and leaned in close saying "Holy f*** she is hot", The bartender was not too bad herself, black hair, Straight cut bangs, Kind of big b**** and sort of tatted up, I looked at her and said "Oh, You into girls?", She smiled and said "I'm into her...Big time", The other girl came back and the bartender carried on with her duties, When the other girl went to the bathroom again later on she came over and said "Oh god, Ok, Here's the deal, If you are taking her back to your room again I want in", I was shocked, Like totally brain f*****, I looked at her and said "huh?", She said "Oh come on, She's the hottest thing I have ever seen", I said "Like...Like a...threesome?", she said "whatever, I don't care...", she leaned in and said "I will suck your d*** every night to get her into bed".
I have been around a bit, Not a whole lot but a bit, This, This is something I have never even comprehended being involved in, the bartender looked at me and said "You've got her wrapped around your little finger", She returned and the bartender motioned to me she would be shutting the bar down in an hour, I started working on her, I invited her back to my room again and she said "Oh god yes", Let's go now", I told her I had a special treat for her and she kind of got a little suspicious look and said "Oh?". We went upstairs after stalling as long as I could on the way, We were met at my door by the bartender and she looked HOT, She had her hair down, Cleavage out, Short shorts and heels, The hot girl looked at me and at the bartender but didn't know what to say or do, We went into my room and she kept looking back at the bartender.
We got inside and she looked at me, Looked at the bartender and at me then said "Whoahoahoa, I don't wow, No I no, no, no", She was freaked out but I pulled her in close and whispered "You think last night was great...That was nothing", She looked scared and a bit freaked out but the bartender stepped up behind her and started touching her and kissing her shoulders, Soon they were kissing and then the bartender turned her to face me, She made her kneel and sh undid my pants, When she pulled it out of my underwear the bartender looked down then at me and said "Oh, Hello".
Before long we were all in bed and she was sucking me, The bartender had worked her way down between her legs, She pulled her panties off and looked at her p****, The bartender said "Oh my good...Ness, Perfection", she leaned in and soon she was on her hands and knees licking the hot girl, I moved behind the bartender and started taking her clothes off, her b**** are bigger than I thought, Big, Soft, Jiggly and hung down, I pulled her shorts down and she was commando, Nice bum and a real nice p**** also, Just a tiny little patch of hair, otherwise, Pink, Bald and soft. I got her naked except her heels and started going down on her from behind, She was reaching back and pulling my head in tight to her, I licked both holes and she was going wild. I got up behind her and rubbed my tip on her, As I pushed it into her she leaned forward and laid on top of the hot girl but I followed her and kept shoving it into her.
she laid on top of hot girl and moaned "Oh god that's the biggest d*** ever", I started f****** her and she was all over hot girl, We switched around into about a hundred positions, The bartender kept her word and as the two of them sucked me together I grabbed the bartenders hair and pulled her head back, She looked me right in the eyes as hot girl sucked my b**** and I came in the bartenders mouth. I sat back and watched the two of them go hard until I got hard again then took a turn on hot girl, I nailed her so hard and she started moaning "Oh god it's happening, it's happening" bartender leaned in and licked her c*** as I leaned back and pounded her, Hot girl sat up as she screamed grabbing the bartenders head pushing her deeper in, she started squirting and she came everywhere.
We spent the whole night banging in the wet bed and I kept switching back and forth with both of them, the bartender was more than happy to hop on and ride me, Sit on hot girls face or vise versa, I came so many times my b**** ached after, We laid in bed breathing heavy and the bartender said "That is the biggest d*** I have ever seen", I was able to get it hard again and rolled the bartender onto her back shoving it in her, I pounded her with her t*** flopping and bouncing, Hot girl sucking her nips and rubbing her p**** until she screamed and came.
The bartender told me she had never came with a guy and had been strictly girls for the last 5 years, Apparently since she was 19, Hot girl told us it was her first time with a girl and loved it, The two kissed many times and as the sun came up I got hard one more time, we went for round 100 and it took forever for me to get off, We were all sweaty and exhausted when the bartender sat against the headboard with hot girl in front of her grabbing and squeezing her t*** kissing and groping eachother and when I pulled out the bartender grabbed my shaft, Shoved my d*** in hot girls mouth and then licked and kissed my shaft as I pounded hot girls mouth coming in it, I pulled out and hot girl and the bartender kissed then laid down and I groped both as they got down and dirty one more time.
We slept ad snuggled, I woke up and groped them both a bit, Hot girl looked at her watch and panicked, She got dressed and we walked her to the door, I turned and looked at the bartender and she looked at me, We went and showered then spent most of the morning getting eachother off, I pounded her so hard and she let me have my way with her, Toward the end I had her face down and she has a really nice ass, I was pounding her with my thumb in her ass and asked if I could f*** it, She let me try but couldn't take it and we ended up back in the shower, she let me give her a facial in the shower and then we got dressed.
Hot girl and the bartender had exchanged numbers and I exchanged numbers with the bartender, We have been texting and I am going to take next week off and go back to visit.

Nov 7, 2018

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  • Read it again,but in a strong brummie accent!

  • Don't care if it's fake or not. Good read

  • Wow that's a long read. You wrote all of that.

  • My TV is broken and my mom won't give me handies anymore, so yeah

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