The First Night, The First Time.

So I'm Just A 16 Year Old Boy From California A Junior In High School, I've Been Texting This Girl That I Seen Around From My Old Middle School. She Texted Me One Night Asking If I Wanted To Go To This Party (Kickback) With Her, I Said Yeah But The Next Day She Told Me She Couldn't Go. I Got Ready For Nothing So I Asked This Other Girl If She Wanted To Drink And Smoke Because I Had Rolled Two Joints That Night For Me And The Girl I Was Gunna See, I Also Had A Bottle Of Some Jim Bean/Red Stag (Whiskey) Just Sitting In My Cabinet. That Night I Completely Lost It I Almost Got Into About 3 Fights With 3 Different People, Me Being Completely Out Of It Called Everyone In My Contacts And I Called My Cousin He Knew I Was Completely Messed Up He Lives Like About 10 Miles Away from Where I Was And He Said He Was Gunna Pick Me Up When He Told Me To Go Outside (In The Front) There Was This Fight And I Was Like "Yeah!, F*** Him Up!" My Cousin Grabbed Me By The Shirt Threw Me Into The Car And Took Me Home That Night I Called The Girl I Was Supposed To Go With And Fell Asleep On Her (I Do Not Remember That, But That's What She Told Me) A Few days Later She Asked Me To Go To This High School Homecoming Football Game With Her I Was Debating On Whether Or Not I Should Go So I Didn't, She Told Me She Was Looking Forward To A Kiss.. Then The Next Week On The Weekend She Asked Me To Go Over Her House So Me Being A "Teenager" I Went Ahead And Took My Parents Car To Go See Her It Was About 12 Am And I Was Lost Due To Poor Directions. Once I Got There She Snook Me Into Her Bedroom, She Had Weed So We Smoked Next To Her Window, It Was Like 30 Minutes Til We Actually Started Smoking Because We Were Just Watching This Movie. We Smoked Til We Were Pretty Stoned And We Laid Back Down To Watch The Movie We Had Some Small Talk But It Wasn't Really Anything Important. While We Were Watching The Movie I Noticed She Was Playing With My Hand So Me Being All Shy I Said "Your Hand" And Grabbed Hers Later She Started Playing With My Hair In The Back Of My Head With Her Other Hand And I Noticed She Would Stare At Me And Look Away Quickly And She Was Rubbing Her Lips Together. So Me Noticing I Sloooowwly Went In For A Kiss And She Noticed And She Went In Quick, We Started Making Out For A While And She Bit My Lip Really Hard A Few Times Which Was A Turn On. After A While She Put Her Leg Over My Shorts And Started Rubbing My Erect P**** She Then Started Stroking It With Her Hand But It Did Not Feel Good Because She Was Doing It All Wrong But She Kept Going And I Let Her I Unzipped My Shorts And She Kept Stroking Faster And Faster She Eventually Went Down And Started Sucking My P**** I Was Shocked At The Moment But It Felt So Good After That Came Up And Started Kissing Me I Thought That Was Pretty Gross But I Kept Going I Kissed Her Ear And Whispered "I Love You" While We Were Making Out She Guided Me To Her Warm Wet P**** I Rubbed It All Over Since She Had A Sweater On She Took It Off And She Had No Bra On And For A Girl Her Age She Had Big T*** I Sucked On Them And Played With Them Then She Got On Top Of Me And I Stuck It In Her And Started Going Up In Down Slowly And Gradually Gaining Speed. She Then Got On Her Back And I Got On Top Of Her I Was About To Stick It In Then I Noticed I Couldn't Get A H****** Because I Was pretty Stoned So Instead I Went Down On Her And Started Eating Her Wet P**** Out She Moaned As I Went Along All Over Her C*** After About An Hour Or So She Pulled Me Up And We Started Making Out All Over Again She Checked The Time And It Was 4 In The Morning I Told Her I Had To Go So We Kept Kissing And She Continued To Bite My Lip Really Hard And I Started Zipping Up My Shorts She Guided Me Outside Gave Her A Kiss Goodbye And Left When I Got Home No One Noticed Anything And When I Checked The Time It Was Exactly 4:20 Am. Oh And By The Way This Was Honestly My First Time Ever Doing Anything Like That With A Girl EVER. Lost My Virginity To Her The First Night I Met Her In Person I Know The First Thought That Comes To Mind Is Hoe/S***. What Do You Guys Think? This Is Based On A TRUE Story From My Life. Unlike All these Fantasy's On Here!

Oct 11, 2012

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  • Hope you don't hear from her again telling you that you're the father of a kid.

  • I'm 17 Now And Thankfully She Was Not Pregnant.

  • Sweet wat it feel like?

  • Warm And Wet, Kid.

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