Sleeping WIfe

We don't have s** anymore. That totally sucks, but she's just not into it.

When my wife is asleep, I sometimes j*** off in the bed beside her. Last year, I started fondling her t***, ass, and p**** while I jerked off. Then I started fingering her p****--one, then two, and sometimes three fingers inside her, even using her juice to lube up my c***. After a few of those sessions, however, I wanted more, so I started getting my finger lubed up and slipping it into her ass as well. My favorite is to have fingers in both holes when I c**.

To spice things up, I sometimes put a towel under her and c** on her bare skin...legs, belly, ass, hands, and arms. I'm working up to coming on her face or mouth, but I don't want to wake her. I've scooped up come on occasion and let it drip into her mouth, though...

The best o***** I've had in the last year was on one of these nights...I jerked off as I spooned beside her, two fingers matching my strokes deep inside her p****, my hips pushing my c******* into the crack of her ass over and over until I exploded onto her sweet little ass cheeks. I lay there spent and watched it drip down onto the towel, and I stirred my fingers deep inside her. Then I used the c** as lube and eased my thumb into her ass...

I want to f*** her so badly, but she just won't respond. I wish she'd take sleeping pills or pass out so I could do whatever I wanted to...

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  • I have been pleasuring myself while the wife is asleep, or at least I thought she was asleep. I had been doing this for several months when I noticed her breath change, so I looked to see if she was asleep, and I saw that not only was she awake, she was fingering herself. She told me that she has been pretending to be asleep while I have been jerking off. Now that I know, we watch each other all of the time.

  • I call bullshit. No way you are sticking a finger in her ass without waking her.

  • I've actually managed to get three fingers into my wife's ass without waking her. You have to go really REALLY slow until her body gets used to the movement and the touch. And use all the lube.

  • I was surprised as well, but I lube it up in her p**** and although her breathing slows when I work it too hard, I've had my middle finger all the way in, slipped it slowly in and out, and even gone for two when she's really sleeping hard. That one almost woke her up!

  • There is no possible way she doesn't know that you're doing this.. I mean really.

  • I used to think that same thing, until last night. My wife sleeps pretty hard and I put her to sleep with a message fairly regularly, last night I worked my hand into her crack and she didn't move! I lubed up a finger and gently slid into her a******, she never ever lets me get close to it, but I managed to get I finger in up to the knuckle and slowly started working it in and out until I couldn't take it anymore and finished on her hair. It can totally be done๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  • I don't know how she doesn't wake up!! If my husband even spoons me with a h****** I'm up and riding his c*** like there is no tomorrow! Next time just f*** her!! If she wakes up just keep f****** her!! She should love it!! I know I do! And if she don't I have no idea what's wrong with her!!

  • I'm gentle about it...

    As a woman, though, wouldn't you feel kind of violated if you woke up and someone was starting to f*** you in your sleep? As I guy, I'd be f****** thrilled, but that's that...

  • It doesn't make me feel violated at all! it makes me feel sexy actually! that i can turn on my husband even when i am sleeping! i think it's awesome! and being surprised with a d*** in my ass or p**** is awesome!! ;) but then again i am always h**** and ready to go! ;)

  • Wow! I wish she was more like you :-)

  • Facts

  • Sounds good to me! She'd probably freak and think I was raping her, so i'd have to do some fast talking...but i'd definitely keep f******!!

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