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I'm a mid-20s, professional male massage therapist. I am very good at separating my emotions from my work. My job requires me to essentially rub oil over naked bodies, so I have to stay objective and grounded. But lately...my wife had a C-section and we were told no s** for at least 8 weeks. I have a lot of female student clients (ages 18-25), and I'm finding myself getting flush and popping an erection a lot while giving these massage. I have a 7" and I wear scrubs, so I can't really hide it.

I have an attractive female client who is very open to me trying new things with her, and my wife was giving me a hand job only minutes before I had to leave to give this client a massage. She didn't get to finish the HJ, and I went to the appointment very h****. My client is very tall, and her arms hang a little over both sides of the table, and it was all I could do to give a good massage without rubbing up against her. The first 20 minutes were like that, but after accidentally bumping her several times (and getting no reaction from her), I decided that I needed to just ignore it and focus on giving a good massage. So for the rest of the massage there must have been thirty times when I poked her, rubbed against her, and rested my tent on her arms and hands. She didn't respond to any of it, but she did ask me to spend some extra time on her inner thighs and directed me to massage up to her thong. After the massage I explained my situation at home and said that I hoped I did not make her uncomfortable if I accidentally bumped her. She said that she felt great after the massage and she didn't even notice so I shouldn't worry about it.

I will never have s** with another woman, but this sexy massage thing is a really big turn-on now. I'm tempted to do something similar again. Sensual but never sexual. How would it make you feel if your therapist was like me?

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  • First of all im old enough to be your mother. I am a bigger woman diagnosed with severe back issues that prevent me from working. If it were me i would tell you to whip it out and bring it up to my face. Then i would bite down so hard and call the cops on my cell which, btw, i always have when i get massages because i worry about these things, and get you on rape charge.

    You sick f*** you should be ashamed of yourself.

  • You nasty bitter old b****, the LMT had no intention and apologized to his client, you are just old and fat and no man would ever get an erection working on your pasty flabby ass.

  • Listen you old war pig, as a massage therapist when we work in fat obese woman like you. Nothing comes to mind but how we feel disgusted working on your obese body and praying youtip good.

  • You call him a sick f*** for having a h****** yet the real sick f*** here is you you would bite his p**** then pretend he raped you wtf is wrong with you

  • You're missing the point. I was ashamed of myself, and I felt terrible and apologized that I even bumped her. I would not have whipped it out or brought it up to your face. That is a clear ethical violation, and I have no desire to do that in a massage. Further, I have a wife, and I would never cheat on her. I think you missed the question. It is more about whether you want a sensual massage, and not about me taking advantage of my clients.

  • Did you say..... mid-20's male massage therapist ?? Oh GOD I wish you were massaging ME. You'd be doing more than bumping into me with your 7 inches, if I was on your table !

  • If I was a woman I'd absolutely love it!


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