Wife give happy endings

My wife is a massage therapist. A few years ago we bought a house with an unfinished basement, which I converted into a mini spa for her to do her work at home. I was supporting her career endeavor, but I also had my own interests in mind. There is a nice full bathroom, a changing room, and the massage room, all of which have hidden cameras. She doesn't know. I have never and would never share anything I have recorded. It's just for own enjoyment. But I didn't really even come here to confess that part.

She has a few dozen regular clients and occasionally others, about equally male and female. The whole point of this was that I wanted to see the women naked. The massage parts are usually kind of boring, so I hadn't been watching much of that. And I almost never watched anything with the men. For some reason, I happened to catch the end of one of her male massages...and she gave him a happy ending. I was shocked. At first I thought I should be mad, but I really wasn't. I suppose considering what I've been doing, I have no right to be. Surprisingly, I was turned on. I went back and watched all the footage I had, which isn't quite everything, and she had done it several times, with three different men. And one woman.

I'm a little worried she might get busted, but still a few months later, it's only ever those four people. Just from watching her, she doesn't really seem into it, but she's really good at it. It's usually by hand, but sometimes by mouth. I know two of the men and the woman are married, but I don't know any of them very well. The other two men I'm not sure about. I want to tell her that I know and that I'm into it, but I obviously can't tell her how I know. I'm also very curious how much she charges. Our s** has always been very good and frequent, but she's never been very adventurous. I hope this can open some doors for us, but I'm afraid it's just about money. She'd probably be embarrassed if she knew I knew. My goal in life is to pound her from behind while she is sucking d*** or eating p****, and record it on my cameras.

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  • I also get happy endings but only handjobs. I'm 50 and going through menopause. My husband is very sexual, he wants s** all the time, but he is a quick ejaculator and he doesn't get too hard anymore. He's not a fan of foreplay either. I got a massage one day and got very aroused. It was like forplay to me. My massager noticed it and started asking me about my relationship with my husband while he massaged me more sensually. At a point I just couldn't hold it anymore and relaxed my legs invitingly. I know it was a slutty move but I needed it.

  • My wife is a massage therapist also. I have been thinking about that same thing. I want to watch her give a happy ending handjob.

  • I love this, I visit a masseur every two weeks. I'm a chubby woman and my happy ending is being fingered and dildoed by her as we are both naked. She is very attractive. She often asks me about my husband and our s** life and if he's f***** me that morning if he has she licks my p**** for an extra £20

  • Should be easily done as she is a prostitute and already has the contacts.

  • So hot. I would let my wife do that.

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