For James, who is too young

I wish I knew what you were thinking, James.

We go to the same gym. You told me your name a few weeks ago. I think maybe you were hitting on me that day, like you did another day, months ago.

You KNOW I think you're attractive because I let you know exactly what I thought, one Saturday afternoon... But you do know I'm old enough to be your mother, right???

That's why I'm too shy to talk to you, that's why I don't hold your eye contact, that's why I sneak looking at you every chance I get but then I look away, and most of all this is why I don't initiate anything else with you. I can't help but look at you because you're SO BEAUTIFUL but you're too young for me, James. And I could get in trouble if anyone found out.

I wish I could tell you to come and see me when you're legal age, James. Oh, the things I wish I could DO to you!

But the worst part of all, James...I'm married. You're forbidden fruit in so many ways, gorgeous boy.

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  • So how long ago was this posted? Any updates? Did James 'get the message'?

  • theres a reason that the words 'forbidden' and 'fruit' get used together the way you used them: its because that variety of fruit is far sweeter and far more delicious than all the other fruit available to us. the concept comes from the genesis story and that single fact tells us that this impulse -- to naturally seek that which we are instructed to avoid -- has been with us since 'in the beginning'. you need to stop hiding behind his age and your marriage and simply walk out into the garden and pluck that scrumptious ripe fruit from the tree. the holy church and proper society set the rules ('dont cheat on your husband' and 'dont f*** young boys') but then fail to tell you that you get no points for playing the game by the rules. you only get points WHEN YOU SCORE. james is waiting, dear, waiting for you to act. hes waiting for you to act because youre the grownup and because he wants to be pursued and captured and led and dominated and owned by a woman who knows how to do those things. you proved that -- even to yourself -- by approaching him and telling him how attractive he was and then seeing his interest from afar. you were bold then and hes waiting for you to be bold again. please make him wait no longer. go and pluck james from the tree. he is yours. and you are his. and the two of you should be - MUST BE - together. the two of you are a couple and you should start thinking of the world and your life in those terms. forget your marriage: it is inconsequential to this situation. you and james are a couple. you and james are a couple. you and james are a couple. perhaps not a conventional couple but what value is there in convention? none. none whatsoever. whether or not you are married, you and james are a couple. you and james are a couple. you and james are a couple. and its time you consummated that relationship and stopped ignoring its reality. you . . . and . . . james . . . are . . . a couple. its entirely up to you to make it so. make it so.

  • You wanna know what James is thinking? He's thinking: "Jesus Christ, why won't that sexy, hot-looking woman stop teasing me and just come over here and f*** me? First she tells me how attractive she thinks I am and then . . . . . nothing. If she would show me that she's even slightly still interested in me, I'd get on her and never get off. H***, I'd take her right now and f*** her in the swimming pool, or in the hot tub, or in an empty racquetball court, or in the shower, or standing with her bent over the hood of her car in the parking lot. Why won't she look at me? Just a glance and a smile and nod of her head to come over to her, and I'd go jump her hot little ass right here in front of the crowd. I could give a s*** about her marriage and her family: I don't wanna break that up, I just want to please her and have her please me, and not just for one night but long-term. I can't stand this teasing she's doing! S***, b****, stop teasing me and just give up that dripping p****!!! I want to belong to her!!!!!"

  • so what if your old enough to be his mother? that just means your old enough to be his girlfriend or his mistress or his lover or his w****, and its clear that you want to be all those four of those things. so what if your married? adultery happens every day and the people involved in it totally love what their doing, and its clear that adultery would be thrilling for a woman like you, because you keep thinking about it all the time with this particular guy. so what if you could get in trouble? life is about risk and managing it, so you find a way to get what you want with this guy and give him what he wants. what he wants is you, and you should give it to him. give him all he wants.

  • the most powerful and painful emotion is regret. do not allow yourself to regret having allowed this boy to escape: he wants you and you want him. stop being the good wife, the proper adult, the socially-acceptable woman, the responsible mother, and go get James and f*** him like theres no tomorrow, because there may be none for the two of you. life owes us nothing and it promises us nothing so just go get on this boy and f*** him constantly. you would obviously be good for James, and James would obviously be good for you, and you need no other encouragement than that. start f****** him and start enjoying it. and stop procrastinating. best wishes!

  • 53yo married female here deeply involved with the 17yo son of my neighbors across the street from the home i share with my husband. my "james" moved in with his family and after spying on him hauling boxes out of a truck i immediately became best friends with his mother (even though i am old enough to be HER mother) so i could get closer to him: yes i lied but it was a wonderful lie and it worked. i never had to tell him what i wanted with him because i would refrain from wearing bras and panties anytime i was around him and make sure he noticed my dark aroused nipples poking into my tops: he got the hot message in a hurry and responded in a hurry. we started our affair when he was "too young" but i decided quickly that i didnt want to live with the regret of never having the pleasure of that thick young c*** jackhammering me before he moved away to college. with some intense "persuasion" from me he has since decided the go to college near home and remain living across the street from my waiting p****, mouth and ass, but you may not be so lucky with james. dont let him get away from you. go get your "gorgeous boy" (yes, hes already yours) and start up with him today. otherwise you will always regret it. always.

  • Obviously, there's something incredibly powerful -- and incredibly beautiful -- between the two of you, and obviously, both of you know it and both are afraid of taking the first sexual step, because of his age and because of your marriage. You need to be the grownup and suck it up and take that step. Let him know that you want him and let him know that your marriage is not ANY kind of impedimnent to him f****** you......repeatedly. There are dozens and dozens of things I could tell you to say as an entre', but you already know what to say because you know James and because you've been dreaming of and fantasizing about how you would approach him the first time. You probably even have three or four or five things you've thought of that are appropriate to the situation -- based on your relationship with him and your knowledge of his sensibilities -- so all you need to do is do it. Go to him, outside the club one day, and say the one thing you think is best, but then have numbers two through five waiting if number one doesn't work. DO NOT LET HIM OFF THE HOOK. You know he wants it, because you're a woman and you can tell those things, so just put yourself in front of him and let your desire, and his desire, go to work on both of you. "Too young" is not a reason to avoid f****** him, it's just an excuse to avoid the risk of him rejecting you. THAT'S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, because you aren't going to let him reject you: you're going to seduce him, but allow him the comfort of believing he seduced you. You're a woman: you know how to do that. So do it. Your next confession here should be titled "For James, my lover, who is the f*** of a lifetime". Let him show you exactly how much he wants you.

  • OP: ALL these views and nobody else has comments about my confession ? :(

  • Teach him properly! F*** him and he'll always be grateful for it! :)

  • Gurl it dont matter what his age or what ur status! get em before hes gone

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