I like breaking up marriages

I am addicted to breaking up people's marriages. It is the only thing that I can really get turned on by. I love the seduction and trying to convince the guy to leave his wife and especially leaving his kids or setting it up so we get caught. When I first meet a married guy I start fantasizing about how we will get caught doing it. If his wife or kid walks in while he's inside me the o***** is unbelievable. It is such a thrill during the process but once he's single again I totally lose interest and break it off. I know it's messed up and I know it is probably because when I was little I walked in on my dad cheating which destroyed our family. I would never want anyone to go through what I did and yet I keep putting people through it. I wish I could stop and sometimes I feel like its a sexual disorder like being into something you shouldn't be into. Sometimes the guilt is so strong and i cry myself to sleep but the need to keep doing it is stronger.

Oct 20, 2012

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  • Business friend of mine is the same way. Petite, slender blonde, very pretty, and guys flock to her. I've had her a few times, myself, a FWB thing. Anyway, she enjoys getting involved with married men, having boatloads of w****-like s** with as many as possible, letting them buy her all sorts of things (one leased her a Lexus), then dropping them like flies once their marriage breaks up or is on the rocks.

    I've talked to her a few times about this, since, in the end, these guys wind up stalking her. I've told her...Stop leading on all these married guys, making them fall for you (which is easy), and being the reason they leave their families. Was with an older guy who blew off his own daughter's college graduation just to take my friend away for a weekend, only to have her (my friend) drop his ass the following week.

    I honestly think she enjoys being the reason, and the attention it gets her.

  • I feel exactly the same. EXACTLY. There is nothing more thrilling than opening your legs to a man who has left his wife and children behind in order to climb into your bed and give you what you need. The plotting and planning of adultery is a delicious thing that can't be matched. But the idea of drawing the man away from wife and children PERMANENTLY is an ego-boost: it may not make the s** any better, but it certainly defines the winner and the loser in an unbelievably exciting way. The wife and children are total losers in that setting, and I am the winner. Once he says, "I love you more than her", or "I want children with you instead of her", you know you've got him. And when he actually moves out of the house, he's yours and that is a wonderful feeling, to own another human being so totally and to have accomplished it with s**. The problem with these relationships -- or so I've found -- is that once he does that, leave, there's nothing better and there's no place for things to go and no room for them to grow. We've gotten all we can get from them then, and things invariably start to decline. For me, that period between him taking the step of shedding the family and his committing to me, rarely lasts for more than six weeks, and most of the time it's less than a month. Once the taste of having defeated and embarrassed the wife and children leaves my mouth, I'm moving on to my next married man. And as I'm sure you've found, locating a married man who want to cheat is the easiest thing possible. I admire you and wish you well.


  • This is why I never give any real information to my mistresses... you wouldn't have any idea where to start to track me down outside of s**.

  • You are basically a sexual kleptomaniac...you have to steal what isn't your's. You need to figure out why that is. You're going to keep ruining others' lives if you don't. And eventually, your own as well.

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