I'm losing him

I have an online friend whom I tell everything about my life to.....every stupid thing and also almost every secret I have. He used to listen intently and give me lots more feedback. But lately he seems to be increasingly too busy for me. I know he does have a lot more going on in his life but....I'm also not sure if that is ALL that's really going on or if he's losing interest in me and what we talk about. It's very frustrating. Why aren't people ever straightforward? If you're tired of me or what we talk about, just say so...or if you don't have as much time to spend me with, say so and reassure me we're okay. WHY is honesty sooooooo f****** hard to get out of people ??? Especially MEN?

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  • Good generalisation of the whole male gender. Immature piece of s***.

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