I normally take an 18 yr old niece, from my wife's side, no blood relationship, to and from school.I have feelings for her. When I suggestively get my Pam into her's and caress it she doesn't resist. She however asked me why I do that. I told her i would answer her the following Friday. The I reached for her Pam again and never resisted.I want to lay her eventually. Should I conclude she has mutual feelings and just wants to be sure or how do I proceed. She always smiles invitingly.

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  • You sound like a bored 12 year old. You want to "lay" her? lmao

  • This was written by a 12 yr old boy. Be real folks.

  • Grow some b**** and f*** her good and hard make her squeal and she will come crawling back for more. Trust me I lived this exact scenario. Wife's niece wants to ride you bareback. I had a great affair with her for over a year started exactly this same way.

  • Pam?

  • I know lol. Too many pre-teen boys troll the net.

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