I still like you. But I shouldn't.

Because you barely know me, instead as that awkwardly freshman girl who is shy and quiet. I hoped for a fairytale ending, didn't get one I guess. I kinda hoped you liked me, like I liked you since my friends told me they caught you staring. I catch you sometimes also, and we have two classes together but to be honest... nah i can't do it. I had stupid dreams over you asking me to homecoming, like everyone else around the school had done to each other. But your a junior right? I have no hope for you. I'm just some freshman hopelessly waiting for a day, we're I could honestly try to talk to you. Secretly, I still hope to see if you ever stare upon me, whenever during English. But you asked someone else to homecoming, from what my friend said. I don't know if it's true or not. I tell them, i'm over you.. but to be honest... i'm not. I really like you, and i have no idea how to even get over the feeling. Makes me feel really jealous, whenever I see you talk to another girl, wishing I was her, but again... I'm hopeless. And I hope that your happy, although you really don't know me at all, haha. Stupid me to ever think you would like someone like me eh? My bestfriend talks about her crush all the time, while I just helplessly think about how I missed the opportunities to at least try and talk to you. Now it's gone eh? Sucks for me. Honestly, I felt like you lost interest over me because you found some other prettier and popular girl. You know so many people, more then I will. Plus your so outgoing, funny, and nice, i can't blame people for wanting to be friends with you. I guess I can't blame you. Ahaha. I sound like a total desperate stupid girl who can't get over someone who most likely doesn't even care or think about me. Maybe someday, i'll meet my prince charming like you've met your princess. And we can both have a happily ever after.
~From the girl with the purple backpack and locker next to you.

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