No one knows that when I was 8 I

No one knows that when I was 8 I intentionally hurt my pets out of frustration of dealing with emotional s*** of being molested at five. To this day I feel like a monster for what I did and I feel incredibly guilty and pray every day to god to forgive me for the sin of hurting my innocent pets. I vow to respect and cherish all forms of life and never let the cycle of abuse surface again nor continue. I don't think I will ever be free of the guilt and I don't think I want to be. I feel that I have to carry the burden and shame of hurting an innocent as punishment for what I did.

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  • The first commenter needs to be shot after being sodomized with a hot curling iron. But to the confessee, it is normal for an abused child to abuse smaller, more helpless creatures. This does not make you a bad person, but it should have been a red flag to your parents that you were suffering inside. My little brother killed a cat one time, because his dad was very abusive. He does not remember this though. You are probably having trouble releaving your guilt because there are much deeper issues involved. Consider a pschyatrist or counselor, or someone else who can help you get past your childhood. Good Luck!

  • I've done things like this in the past, too. Sometimes, my dog would bite me when we played together, and the pain made me angry, and the anger made me snap, and I'd hit her. Now I have my anger problems under control, and the guilt I feel for hurting her is overwhelming. I love my puppy so much, I don't ever want to hurt her again. i try to make it up to her. I hope she knows how much I love her and how sorry I am.

  • God will forgive if you ask. Then you have to forgive yourself, and don't be hurting anymore animals or that makes you one too. BREAK THE CYCLE

  • You were just a little kid, very different from who you are now!! You cant punish yourself for the rest of your life for what you did as a kid, no matter how bad you think it is. Pray for forgiveness and move on.

  • i f*** you tooo

  • I have no f****** idea.

    I don't know. I used to do the same thing, sort of, but on a smaller scale - like I used to feed mice to my spider (weird, I know) and sometimes the spider wouldn't eat because he was sick so I'd throw the mice off of the balcony because I didn't want to take them outside.

    I feel really guilty about that.

  • What the f*** is with the above comment?

  • what wrong playing with kids there is notting like a little girls hairless p**** hole i have f*** alot of little girls in my life and still see some of them there are ok that i f*** them from the age of 9yo to 13 yo girls and hasve had some of them come back [after 7years] here to f*** me agin they are 18yo now so not all under age s** is bad

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