My married next door neighbour is married, but unbelievably HOT!!

Ok, there's a married woman who lives next door to me and she's insanely hot! I've had several dreams about me and her banging each other in her bed and I want this to end! But not only is she married but she also has 13 year old son.Her husband is nice but he works overseas for 6 weeks out and 6 weeks home for holidays.She has an outdoor hot tub for the two of them and sometimes watching her relax in the steaming hot water makes me wanna lose it! She is also very nice to talk to and has a great personality for a woman her age.If I don't find a good opportunity to get her in bed I'll regret it! I'm 20 and she's 42.I wanna find a way to get me and her in bed while her husband is gone and f*** her brains out all night long till the morning comes! ! !

Please give some advice!


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