its been liek 2 f****** days since i

its been liek 2 f****** days since i last heard of my bf! NO we haven't broke up yet and GOD, could someone please tell what the f*** is going on! It's liek he's hiding something from me or more liek avoiding me????!!!! OK shut up! This is really p****** me off!!!

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  • 2 days???!!?!?!? GET A F****** LIFE!!!!!

  • are you one of those jealous bitchy girls?
    one, his phone might have broke.
    two, he just might not wanna talk to you, because you're and obsessive freak.

    learn how to f****** spell.
    it isn't hard.
    "OK" is spelled, okay.
    "Liek" is spelled, like.

    Go to school and get literate so that you can contribute to the world.

  • Is this a confession????

  • I agree, call him. Even if it is over, its better to know now than keep obsessing over it. Good luck.

  • ^^^ Weirdo.

    OP, call him. F*** that 'he should call me first' crap. Two way street ya'know.

  • I HATE TO TELL YOU NOW IM SEEING A GUYS HE HAS A TIGHER BUTT HOLE AND CAN SUCK D*** BETTER THAN YOU YOU P**** HOLE IS JUST TO BIG FOR ME OR MAYBE MY D*** IS JUST TO SMALL but his butt hole is so much tighter than your p**** hole noe he is going to f*** my butt hole i found out than i love to be butt f*** too
    im going to be f*** right now bye

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