I want to become a murder

I don't know but lately every f****** who gives me s*** is just p****** me f****** off. I have always had thoughts about killing people and plans on how do to do it but have never gone through with it because I really don't want to get caught and go to jail or an asylum. do you ever have that feeling though? like you just want to kill every c*** who gets on your bad side. people are really f****** p****** me off, why the f*** are they still alive and breathing. why cant it be so easy for me to become a psychopathic murderer who gets away with it. im already a Satanist so its not like im going to get karma for it. so I honeslty couldn't give a f***. and instead of doing rituals that are a slow process why cant I just go up to some f***** f*** and stab through the eye for f**** sake. I don't even know...



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  • We needed guys like you in Viet Nam. I should say we needed "more" guys like you in Viet Nam.

  • If you want to kill people play GTA 5 live on line and have fun .

  • Control your anger

  • Real Satanists don't do sadistic s*** like your talking about. Stop being a poser b****. So if you got it all figured out, what's stopping you. In fact your beginning to p*** me off right now. Your attics are nothing short of keyboard courage and perhaps a doctor visit to a Mental health ward is in order. Eye for an eye buddy, you kill someone the long d*** of the law is gonna kill you. Plus the FBI probably monitors sites like this anyway.

  • You sound gay. I think you want to get it in the ass in prison.

  • I agree. You should become a murder.

  • I confessed something 2 weeks ago and it
    never showed up and hardly anything
    gets put on this site anymore. What's going on??

  • I noticed this place takes forever to add new post .. what is up with that ?

  • Same thing happened to me. It's been about a week now. Maybe the site is dying.

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