I married a woman who is everything a

I married a woman who is everything a man could ever dream of. She is beautiful, smart, sweet, caring, grounded, and funny. We have been together for over 3 years now and everything is perfect except for our love life. She is stunning, and I know for a fact that she has been with better-looking men than me in her life. My neck and chest are partially disfigured from a fireworks incident I had as a teenager. I have a fear that I do not perform to the standards she was accustomed to before meeting me-she reaches o***** maybe 50% of the time, and I am always the one bringing on the s** sessions. We only have s** once per week. When we first got together, we were both candid about our sexual past and she described intense love-making that I do not feel I have experienced in the past 3 years. I feel like she has more of a 'get it over and done with' attitude just to shut me up. Isn't s** supposed to be one of the pillars of our relationship? If so, how do I get on the right track? How can I be sure that she's not attracted to anyone else more than me?

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  • or maybe that god never intended for us to settle down with 1 person!

  • take a number. get in line. once you are married, she controls half the money and assets and all of the p****.

    better to stay single and mingle. all married men have this complaint sooner or later, which proves God has a sick sense of humor!

  • Mate,welcome to married life!

  • Ask her how you guys can spice it up. Prove to her that you can adapt and that you love her and want to please her. What in her mind is an example of 'wild s**'. She might be remembering stuff that really was vanilla, but is now the best s** ever. Does she need to be dominated? Praised? Humiliated? Worshiped? Whipped? Tickled with a feather? Bound? Being bound for her? Put all on the table.

  • S** has nothing to do with love, so therefore I would stop worrying about that aspect. She married you so the disfigurements had nothing to do with her feelings for you, again stop worrying about that as well.
    I too am married and my wife is not interested in s** as she once was....one of those things I suppose.
    It really matters not what she did before you met each other, rather more important what the two of you both do as a team.
    As far as being attracted to others, well, I think we all are ocassionally attracted to others. Nothing wrong or unnatural about this so long as it does not lead to anything. Good Luck.

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