Hot for teacher?

I have a very inappropriate crush on my eighth period teacher, and I'm sure he knows. He's always walking by me and stops in front of me for minutes at a time when he's explaining stuff. or he'll say something to me and make direct eye contact... one time when we were talking about skin, he pointed out I was randomly blushing. I didn't even notice it until he pointed it out!
and I can't help but want him more everyday that I see him. he's just so handsome and smart... and married. all I want to do is just kiss him once before the school year ends, but at the same time, I don't want to be a tramp. besides, what would he want to do with me? I'm just an awkward teenage girl.

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  • i think he likes you a lot. you should just ask him if he does and see what he says. i think he will be honest and say he does like you and then you can be together as like a secret couple and that is totaly hot.

  • Why are you guys encouraging her?! That's just sick!

  • Hes obviously in love with you and you need to encourage him and then hook up with him. its not a big deal so dont worry so much about it. s** is supposed to be fun and you should have some fun with your man.

  • It f****** is a big deal you b***** idiot. He's married and she is probably under aged. Young girls often have crushes on adult men as they go through puberty, but straiten themselves out later. Can you imagine how that girl would feel when she is 30 and has to think back to when her teacher took advantage of her and f***** her when she was 14. How would you feel if that woman was your daughter???

  • yeah you just need to get on him and stop worrying about it

  • the reason he comes by you so much and looks right at you is cuz he wants to hook it up with you like right now and not wait until before the end of the school year so you need to get with him. if you want him go get him and dont just kiss him a little.....make the f*** out with him in his class and if he wants to get in you let him get in you and do it right there in his classroom after school. let him start hitting it and see what it leads to.

  • TWO: He will resist the idea of taking a present from you, but be persistent, saying that it's very small and that you really want to give it to him because he's so important to you. Say, in your own words, that "it's just a small gift, but there's sooooooo much more that I want to give you, and you can have it ANY time you want it." Then lean into him again, and kiss him again, even longer this time, and on the lips if he allows it (he probably won't allow it, but the effort will let him know what's available with you), but at least on the cheek or the neck. Make sure he feels your breath on him. And then.....kiss him again while you're still pressed into him, and let him feel the tip of your tongue. Later, if you have his home phone or cell phone numbers, call him on New Years Eve -- not late, just during the afternoon -- and wish him a Happy New Years. Then after the holidays are over, begin finding ways to drop by his room after school lets out (this may be easy for you, since you're with him for eighth period) and all the other students are out, and kiss him goodbye for the day. Don't do this every day, that's too obvious, but just occasionally, to let him know that you're still very warm for him and that you're still VERY available to him. If my instinct about you is correct, you and he will be a couple long before you ever have to start dropping by after school: I think he's going to want to start getting with you as soon as you give him that first kiss, and then it's all up to you. Finally, I think you already know you can have this man, and my guess is that he knows you want him, and that he wants you even more, because he comes so close to you so often. THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN FOR YOU. The one thing you have to concentrate on is not caring about his wife. Forget that she exists. If he wants to be with you, and you want to be with him, THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. The two of you should be together and you will be. Forget her. Enjoy him.

  • You "instinct" as you put it is a fallacy. You are a pervert and you are probably sitting there half naked with your 4 inch p**** erect and partially covered by your obese belly fat. How can you write s*** like that about not caring about his wife. You clearly haven't got a wife and certainly don't have a loving relationship with anyone, so all you can do all day is fall out of bed and start pulling your small p**** until you are drained. What a sad life!!

  • ONE: It is both interesting and telling that you identified your post as a "love" confession, and I believe that's what you are beginning to feel for him. A few words of advice, if you will. First, you aren't a tramp and you aren't going to become one in this situation, regardless of what you do with this man or don't do with him: that just won't happen. Second, you are setting your sights far too low with him. Kissing him once before the end of the school year is too limited, and too limiting, and too easy to slide. Here's what you should do. Resolve to kiss him before your Thanksgiving break from school. That's more immediate, and it gets you off your ass in the short-term. And it gives you something hot to think about doing with this man in the next couple of weeks. If he speaks of Thanksgiving in his class, that would be a great opening, but do it even if the class doesn't discuss the holiday. Either way, go up to him one day shortly before school lets out, and say to him, "One of the things I am thankful for is that I have you for a teacher", and then lean into him and kiss him warmly on the cheek. Make it more than just a quick peck: let him feel your lips on his face, and feel your breath on his skin. Don't linger there, but don't pull away quickly. Then smile and leave. You're planting a seed with him, and it won't take a lot of work to do that. He's a man, you're a woman, and he will totally get the message, trust me. Then, sometime just before Christmas, go buy him some small gift, something you can wrap and carry in your backpack or your purse, and search for an opening after class during the days before the holiday vacation, and go up to him again, preferably in complete privacy. Then, kiss him again, just as you did before, lingering a bit longer this time, and this time allow him to feel your body press up against him, just fold yourself into him. Then lean back and give him the gift you bought. More to follow........

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