Men are better than women in every way.

Women dont make good friends, they spend their youth trashing each other behind their backs, and their teenage years humiliating each other

But I guess women can be friends with guys right? Nope, theyre usually only friends with guys who like them, because they want attention. They constantly string these guys along, and then have the nerve to say that they arent sending mixed signals.

Women arent good at s**, most women suck at b*******, and their hand jobs are just flat out painful. Seriously guys, try having s** with another guy, world of difference.

Women dress slutty to get attention and then b**** when they get it. This is just another way of them getting more attention.

Women arent smart, they goto college and study silly degrees like psychology or sociology (anyone can get these). They rarely enter math or science.

Women breed with retards usually, and then try to find intelligent men to raise them, and have the nerve to pretend like theyre even remotely interested in love.

The only thing women are remotely good at is raising kids, but I even question that some times.

Women are too quick to accept authority and refuse to think for themselves.

Women want to be treated the same as men, except when its inconvenient. They want equal pay for equal job title, not equal pay for equal work. Women work less hours, and in easier jobs than men, and not to mention, men usually do a better job no matter what field it is. They dont want to be drafted, and they want to be able to run their mouths and not get decked in the face. Thats not equality, thats special treatment

Women are basically full grown babies, which is why men ask you to do trivial things like clean up around the house and cook(you suck at this too), because you arent good at anything else.

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  • I'm a woman and sad to say it, I agree with some of the things you say about all women. We are a sad lot.

  • Yes you are and you're all dumb and bad in bed.

  • There are "some" women who do many of the things you say, but many who don't. I don't think I want to turn gay because of that!!! Tell me all gay guys are perfect and in happy loving relationships and do everything well? Nothing against gay people in general, they may not be any better or anyworse than any other gender or sexual orientation. We are all different. Someone needs to grow up a bit.

  • Oh, why don't you quit b******* you f***** and go f*** the only one who will touch you...your hand.

  • Suck my little dic, m*********** b****.

  • Not true, I'm guy and have been friends with my friends for 8 to 10 years.. most are women, I'm 16.. I respect your opinion though. :)

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