I purposely sunbathe nude in my backyard where I know my neighbor might see me.

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  • My wife told me to put suntan oil on her body in the backyard.

  • I'm a man, I am naked at home doing everthing. I know my neighbors have seen me naked. If they don't like it they can look

  • Thats weird. HAHA but its your life do what you want. Im a girl and I dont do that... partially cause my neighbors are amish haha

  • Yes if you are female you are awesome, but if you are a male you are a disgusting pervert.

  • Why a man is a pervert?

    Lol....always ok for woman

  • Suck my b****, twink!

  • YOUR A PERV!!!!!!!!!!

  • If your a female you are f****** awesome!

  • Perv!

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