The Chinese torture aimals

8/9/2016 headline in the mirror with a picture of a man In China boiling a dog alive...... "" You make me sick to my stomache,may you rot in h***"" How can a human being purposely inflict that pain,. Which could be avoided,on another being......Only the Chinese

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  • Some people eat dogs. in the Phillipines they raise certain dogs just to eat. the same way that some people raise cows or chickens or pigs or anything else they eat. whats the problem??

  • You all suck so so much....

  • I heard that trillions of innocent cows, pigs, and chickens are being kept under inhumane conditions while being pumped full of antibiotics to prevent infection and disease from spreading throughout the herd since they are literally packed into feeding lots or cages without space to turn around and these unfortunate animals live their short lives wallowing in their own corn based s***. Then these precious animals are slaughtered by various methods, none of which are humane, and thousands of their bodies as well as various entrails are packed into patties or nuggets and I also read that there are Americans who are actually consuming these dead animal parts without even thinking to question what it is that they are eating yet they keep perpetuating this vicious cycle by buying more and more and getting fatter and fatter and sicker and sicker from this barbaric and ignorant practice with no regard for the lives of animals since all they care about is consumerism and dollar value menus. F****** Americans should be shot and ground up into bits and fed to those innocent animals.

  • So basically you want all Americans shot? You care about the lives of animals more than you care about the lives of your fellow man? Okay....nice logic there buddy.

  • Stfu OP and stop generalizing a whole race of people. You sound like an ignoramus. Be mad at that ONE Chinese person who committed the crime, not the whole damn race.

  • Haters gotta Hate

  • Lots of asians and middle eastern people have no respect for life

  • Not true. Just like the rest of the world there are always some bad apples in a bun. stop generalizing. A whole race/ethnicity of people.

  • *in a bunch

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