"This is just between us."

I have been crushing on this guy I met in college. He is so funny and an all around great person. He kissed me about two weeks ago and one thing led to another and we were fooling around in my bedroom. I got uncomfortable because my roommates were just outside the room and so I put a stop to what we were about to do. That following weekend I found out he was in a long distant relationship. which basically meant I was the other girl. I was so mad at him that I couldn't even see straight. I texted him an angry message about what an ass he was and how wrong it was for him not to tell me he had a girlfriend. His reply was short and rude. he said "like you really cared if I had a girlfriend or not."
I knew with that message that it was time for me to avoid him, at all cost. Although, as the days went by fate had it's way and our paths crossed again. He apologized and said that he felt awful and me being the naive dumbass I am, I believed him. On Halloween night he and couple of his friends came over and he was extremely flirtatious. I mean smacking my ass and winking constantly. He than began to vent to me about how his girlfriend broke up with him and how he was so tired of her bullshit. With that being said, couple hours later we were walking over to his place because no one was home and I knew that this time I wouldn't be able to say no.
Clothes began to fly off and his hands were all over me. Before I knew it we were having crazy, hot s** and he made me feel on top of the world. He is definitely the best partner I have ever had. When it was all over, I gather my clothes off the floor and my mind began to race. what had I just done? what if they get back together tomorrow? Suddenly, I realized I had picked up a lot more than my clothes that night. I had picked up even more feelings for him.
Now I sit here on confession post with the realization that I haven't heard from him in over a week and that this last weekend his girlfriend came up to campus to visit. He was never single but he was a cheater. The worst part is I still like him and I fantasize about having s** with him again. So my question here is does this make me a s*** or just a complete and total idiot?

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  • "The worst part is I still like him and I fantasize about having s** with him again"...NO the worst part is YOU didn't learn a damn thing! You are gonna get screwed over until you wise up, and THAT is no one's fault but yours! Get over him...move on. And what about the other girl, what did she ever do to you? Why you messing with HER bf?

  • I wouldn't want to f*** ANY guy who vents about other women's "bullshit" to me. It just means he'll vent about you to someone else. He doesn't sound like he likes women, but likes to PLAY them. Like the other poster said, you can do better.

  • You are a stupid idiot. You deserve all the heartache you get. Easy as pie - after he's used you up, he'll tell his buddies what an easy lay you are and you'll have even more suitors to give you 20 minutes of attention at a time.

  • Sometimes lack of common sense is not due to stupidity but more so from wearing your heart on your sleeve! Don't bash people because you wouldn't have done what they did instead bring them up with your encouragement.

  • It makes you human. You didn't do anything wrong. You accepted what he had to say at face value, and he lied. However, sounds like you're hoping for more then a one night stand. You say you already like this guy, so having him as a f-buddy would destroy you somewhere down the line. Maybe next time you meet a great guy, don't jump into bed so quickly. Let this one go..you can do way better.

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