I love beating geeks up

In high school there are so many geeks around. I go out of my way to kick their a**** and make them cry. I love knocking their glasses off their faces then stepping on their glasses and laughing. The other day I beat the crap out of a geek in front of his girlfriend. The girlfriend ended up dumping him and hooking up with me. Last week I made a geek bend over and kicked him in the ass until he begged me to stop I did this in front of all his freinds. none of them stuck up for him because they knew I would do the same to them if they did. I also make them bow down to me and kneel before me I tell them they must do this everyday or I'lll kick their ass. Its so funny I get such a thril.. Next I'm going to make them kiss my feet. I think I;ll bang two of their heads together and see what happens LOLOLOL

May 5, 2013

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  • I'm impressed by how many people actually believe this.

    it's the internet man, it's the internet.

  • Well that's bullshit

  • That was the biggest pile of bullshit since the rodeo was in town. i don't know which is more stupid, your fake story or the brainless wonders who wasted their time writing comments about it...oh

  • Finally someone with some sense.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, this is the reason why brothers and sisters shouldn't have kids together.

  • Do u have ANY idea how much those glasses cost
    U are way more trouble than ur worth

  • Lmao

  • ????

  • One day a 'geek' will hand it to you .... Or his girlfriend. Immature 'jocks' like you are the reason 'nerds' think athletes are 'mean&scary'. I love how a few people can cause such a change in peoples minds. I realize being an athlete is a blessing BUT you have to be smart for ANY FOUR YEAR SCHOOL TO WANT YOU!!! I am a athlete and i am constantly wprking pn my game as well as my intelect. Being nice to someone can go along way. YOU NEED TO LEAVE OTHERS ALONE BECAUSE IF YOU WERE SMART YOU WOULDNT MESS WITH YOUR FUTURE IMPLOYERS. BEING NICE TO EVERYONE IS THE BEST THING TO DO AS WELL AS PRACTICING YPUR BELIEFS. YoU nEeD JESUS! And yes you just got told by a FEMALE. NOT ALL GIRLS ARE INTO YOUR SILLY GAMES. PLEASE GO TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY. It WILL mean a difference in the end.
    ~a female who loves JESUS

  • You. Are. A. Complete. Jerkk. Hope you get your butt handed to you soon ??

  • Wow, you are a stereotypical jock who doesn't realize that beating people up is because you were mistreated. A.K.A, i am also a nerd and i strongly suggest that you jump into a grave while choking on a fudging chainsaw and i will bury you with lava and have a sign that says, "here lies the mothertrucking c***/b****/girl who was high and had an issue with nerds. May God strike his buttock with a hundred, thunderous lightning bolts.

  • I hope some day you go to prison, forced to wear a skirt and suck d*** and get ass raped.....

  • I think youre going to come out of the closet soon...

  • You ALL should be ashamed of yourselves. Each and every one of you!

  • Wow, this is disturbing from the beginning to end. What is wrong with you people. And a note to the original poster, get some therapy.

  • I wear glasses and maybe I am a geek. You are welcome to try this s$$t on me. When I have finished with you you will not be posting here, you will be groaning in a hospital bed thinking "I wish I had never messed with those geeks"

    It is clear that you are jealous that the geeks are more intelligent than you. You should accept that and give them the respect they deserve.

  • Yeah ok and then you woke up GEEK!

  • Dumb ass just remember its shitheads like you that cause most people to snap and shoot up their schools. leave them the f*** alone, it p***** me off that there are people out there like you who find pleasure in making others suffer.

  • Aint nothing funny about this and I really wish i knew where the h*** you were so i could kick ur ass and make you beg like the little b**** you are.

  • All the girls that are impressed by you, if there even are any, are stupid c**** who will f*** around on you for an even shittier meathead. All your friends are ignorant. Your family will either be ashamed or just as unintelligent as you are. The geeks that you beat up will go get higher paying jobs than you and marry better looking, smarter women who wont give them crabs like the whores you may or may not get to f***. And when you get old and cant pat your stupid self on the back anymore for acting like an ape, you'll die stupid and alone because nobody ever truly loves a piece of s*** like you. So your retarded confession is nothing but slightly amusing because morons like you are a dime a dozen, and you all think you'll go far. Knowing you'll fail and be unloved and ignored keeps intelligent people like the kids you beat up from getting upset. Unless you're a victim directly, in which case, you may get your head blown off by one one day. I doubt anyone would miss you either.

  • Troll much?

  • You are a g******** s*******. You can beat the f*** out of people until you laugh, but eventually...

    Well, to be frank, you might just try to beat the f*** out of someone like me, who will proceed to make your life a living h***. Come after me, and I'd not only destroy every chance you ever had at getting a job, education, girlfriend, etc., but I'd also get a "kick" out of smashing your testacles in and cutting your p**** off. Unless you're a girl, in which case I'm sure a knifed v***** isn't too enjoyable. And just for fun, I could shoot up your family.

  • Damn. (O_o) u gotta be mad as h*** cuz of what this j*** is doing. Btw(to main person) You should be ashamed of yourself!!! On the day of your death, when you go to h***, you'll see how those people you hurt felt. You'll burn for eternity and the devil will probably do the same things to you!!!!! I might be geeky in a way, so i don't accept you hurting them. If you stop, MAYBE someday someone will stop thinking that you were just born to be a piece of s*** that never gave a f*** about geeks, who are such smart people! What r you trying to do, kill our future scientist and teachers?! The people who will help humanity someday?! You know what? I'm done here! Damn you!!!!!!!

  • Someone clearly has anger issues and I don't mean the original poster.

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