Just unhappy!

I realy love my wife of 15 years,I always go home happy to see my 2 kids and her,she don't work and I know that the kids are work,but I help her with the kids home work after I come from work even if I tired,but she seems like don't want to do any thing for her self I wanted to buy her a car so she can't help me like go to the groceries store but she say no!so after work and sometimes I am really tired need to take her to the store or I have to take a day off if one of kids need to go to the doctors,I don't drink,smoke or even have friends and go out,they are my world,but my wife can't really be annoying in some ways and of top off all forget our s** life just is gone she can go months with no relationship with me and she is good,I talk to her about what I feel and seems like no big deal to her!i am just unhappy at this point of my life!if it wasn't for my kids I will probably split with her!

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  • Stop doing things that she refuses to do. It's like you're enabling her to continue to be lazy. Love her, but tough-love her if you know what I mean.

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