Lazy parent

I'm 28, and very lazy. I always have been. I'm a stay home mom with two boys, 5 and 6 ½ years old. Most of my friends kind of don't want us visiting much anymore because I am just too tired or lazy to discipline my kids. I let them do just about anything they like. And they do! The only friend I still see regularly is one who has a similar parenting style. Whenever we visit each other, the kids are allowed to run amuk while we chat and have coffee and smoke together. Neither of our houses are clean, have nice things, and most things are broken, but neither of us really cares. My husband is a long-distance trucker and isn't home much, and doesn't really mind when he comes home and there are 2 new holes in the walls. My friend is a single mom, so it works out fine for her. We just don't want to have to yell at our kids all the time. It's sooooo much work, and it's a lot easier to just tune them out. Also, it's nice when you are somewhere else and other people step in and help control your kids. It's nice that other people help in the parenting. It sure makes life a bit quieter for a little while. I know I should be disciplining my kids a little more, but never have the energy or will power. Oh well.


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  • Meh,am calling this a troll post.but it's a good one on calling out lazy assed breeder sows who spread their legs,bring even more filth into the world,and then can't even be bothered to train the bratty results.not nearly enough of them end up in ditches with slit throats.

  • I'm lazy too in a different way. I don't want them bothering me so I make them wear pullups when we travel so we don't have to find public restrooms. Apart from that our differences are really strict with clothes and behaviour. So I can sit and have a coffee with my friends and not be interrupted.

  • Call me all the names you want it has no effect, and who are you to tell someone how to live their lives why dont you just STFU and crawl back into your mother's basement, she doesnt need tips on how to run her life from a looney toon like you. -bbwlover

  • Oh you two are the piece of s**** we working people are paying higher rates for now thanks to Obamacare. Here is a suggestion, draw a bath and slit your wrists for us. Thanks.

  • Ty, and im always around if you change your mind just leave a message here and ill get it :) .-bbwlover

  • What do you think of my suggestion of becoming a bbw/ssbbw? you wont have to do Anything ill watch your kids for you and take care of all household responsibilities of and im 27 btw, please answer- bbwlover

  • You're very kind, but I'm not ready to leave my hubs. Besides, my friend and me really let our kids do every things, which most people just don't understand. Yesterday, for example, My friend and I watched two of the kids pounding away on the left rear fender of her car and we simply didn't do anything to stop it except light another cigarette. We were like, what the f***, let them.... There are few people who will put up with that.

  • Lazy people with bad energy.

  • Youre perfect for me ill wait on you hand n foot even watch your kids for you, youd be a perfect bbw and hopefully even better ssbbw just divorce your husband and you wont have to worry about lifting another finger ill take care of everything for you. -bbwlover

  • No doubt that raising children can be both rewarding and exhausting. But is it really laziness and not caring that you're feeling or is it depression? Have you ever disciplined your kids? There is some truth that if you give your kids boundaries and chores that they will thrive. But it is work..guess the real question is if you really want to make changes in your posted this under embarrassing so there must be a part of you that wants to but just feels stuck and it's easier to do nothing than something...

  • You sound perfect for me i want a lazy wife who doesnt lift a finger but i have one question, how do you feel about weight gain? please answer -bbwlover

  • Don't care too much about my weight. In fact, weight gain comes with being married and having children. I'm 5'5" and weighed 212 pounds last week. Mostly I just snack, smoke, and watch TV. Right now my boy is using a hammer to put more holes in the walls, and my girl is sitting on the back of the couch and drawing on the window with crayons. I just really don't care. They really are allowed to do just about anything they want.

  • To avoid confusion, the girl is my friend's, who is visiting. I don't know at the moment where the other 2 boys are. Somewhere in the house.

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