I cant believe i did that

Yesterday i put an ad on craigslist asking for a black guy to come to my house meet my husband, and go in our room and have s** with me. sure enough i found one reply i thought would be good, my husband agreed, the guy came over, met him, and we did it. it was so amazing... i know this might be a shock to some that my husband was ok with it, but he got hit by a car and is having serious back issues, i have not had decent s** in months and am sooo tired of being on top, thats the only way hes been able to have s**. it was not cheating in our eyes, he said it was ok, he knows i love him and is glad he could meet him to make sure i am safe, and glad i had a good time since he knows i have been lonely and h****. and he would much rather be in the next room than me sneek off and get myself hurt, or lie about it, which would be cheating. and hes right, i will never see that guy again, it was a one time thing since my husband cant perform, and he loves me enough to want me to be happy. i just wanted to put my story out there, just to let u know ladies, guys usually dont over think s** like we do, they dont mush it up with lovey emotion and all that if ur not getting ur needs met by ur husband or partner but truly love them and dont want to cheat or ruin ur relationship, just ask! chances are he will say its just s**!

Nov 9, 2012

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  • What do you mean you’ll never see the guy again. He knows where you live and he’ll be back for more if you were any good.
    It’s likely he will bring a couple friends in case you and hubby need persuading.
    If he doesn’t come back, he wasn’t impressed.

  • Never get married......

  • My wife and I love threeways we are both bi. I have let her entertain a few black men solo just so she could get it out of her system. I love her very much.

  • Ok that does sound weird your hubby saying yes but I guess it's the decision you both made and if both sides agree that's wonderful , I wish I could get my wife to agree for me to have s** with another lady, forget about s** she is so jealous even when I speak to another female.. I don't know she hasn't seen me or caught me with another girl but she is too jealous I wish I can meet up with some like you and have the taste of being with another female.. Lucky you

  • When my wife and i were meth addicted our dealer said to us have you guys ever thought bout trading for dope i was like trading what he looked wife up and down and said i can think of a few things the wife was mortified she said she would never sink so low to give herself for dope well clock forward now money is short wife starting to feel dope sickor she just flat ready to f*** some one else cuz she would brimg up dealers offer quite a bit just randomly talk about it she goes t what i thought was bathroom im watching tv she comes out of bathroom showered cleaned up and actually lookin good she said ok i have to go see you later i have no idea she went in called dealer and made deal with him she was gone four days she is dropped off by someone i have no idea who the guy is well dealer had deal with her half and half for forty sack meth she said all wwent well with him she said when dealers dudes come through door at 4 am night one that she left her and dealer are on couch f****** they beat the h*** out of him she said two guys raped her p**** and ass at dealerss house they then blind fold her tell her if she makes any noise they will kill her they take her somewhere but not far but not where suppose to be she said over the course of the next 72 hours she was forcibly raped to many times to count and sometimes by five guys at once i guess what i am trying to say is be careful of deals made cpu face book or twiiter

  • Drugs and s** can be a pretty dangerous thing when mixed...

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