How many is the norm??

I just read that 7 partners is the average for a 35-40 yr old woman in the u.s. wtf? if im counting right my total is 10 so far and im almost 20 yrs old. im not a s***, at least i didnt think i was :( how boring would life be if we didnt try new things right?

Nov 11, 2012

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  • I'm in my late twenties, (f) and have been with over 20 guys since high school, all relationships.

  • I am 32 and have had s** with 32 men. When I got married at 24 I had only been with 5 men. I love my husband and he is great in bed, but I love being a s*** and I'm proud of it. last year alone, I added 15 guys to my tally, and I don't want to stop.

  • I dont think women who sleep with alot of men are s****. i mean come on, probably out of the 7 only 1 actually got the job done right in the first place. i dont blame or judge women in the least for having s** with alot of guys, how many guys do u know whove only slept with one woman? NONE. instead of calling the women s****, id sooner call the guys unsatisfying. just saying.

  • I'd love to meet a woman with only 2 partners, and that they were real relationships too. That kind of quality woman values love over s** and isn't a selfish pleasure seeking w**** like the other women here.

  • I am 35 and married. I had 7 partners by 11th grade, added 6 more my senior year then over the next six years I added approximately 75 until I got married. I actually thought I was pretty discriminating but based upon the other girls, I guess I was a little loose. I am admitedly a little bit of a hottie I guess so I get alot of attention which is dificult to turn down depending on the guy. I have been married now for 13 years and I have only cheated four times but in fairness my husband has cheated much more so I dont feel too guilty about it. Two times I cheated were with the same black lover that I sort of had feelings for when I was 16 and he 20 over a 5 year period. The other two guys were a latino boss I had when I worked that lasted a year or so and a black guy at the gym I worked out at for 2 years. I have never been able to get my first black friend out of my head so when my husband was having a little fun and my friend was in town presuring me to f***, I gave in a couple times and allowed myself a few more fantasy memories to think about later. Total now 91.
    I honestly think that most women would never admit to the real number with a guy, espeically a young guy because girls know that it tears up a guys ego to know his girl has been under every guy in town. If the guys knew, they would be looking around at guys in restaurants. My husband thinks I have only been with four guys and thats all he needs to know. The reality is much different and I think that would be true for most decent looking women because if they are anything like me, they are constantly fighing off the guys who want to f*** them. I brush it off all the time. I actually think Im a f****** saint for being so loyal although I know some of you young guys will think otherwise. If you had girls doing to you what guys do to me then you'd be f****** alot too and you know it.
    But, having the experience I have helps me to understand what is and what is not bullshit.

  • Every woman, no matter how many people she's been with, says she isn't a s***. Most people on this site tell every woman she needs to have s** with anyone and everyone too because they don't have any sexual ethics either. 7 partners over your entire life is the NEW average because women in the 90's and 2000's are much sluttier than girls in the 80's or before- where their average was 4 partners in their entire lives.

    A s*** is anyone that has s** without restraint or discrimination, so anyone that has ever had a 1 night stand, or casual s**, or s** with more than one person at a time, I would say is a s*** for sure. Personally, is someone is into double digits, like 10 or more partners, I'd never date them no matter how old they are. Of course, that means I think about 75% of the population are just s**** and whores.

  • I guess I must be unusual. I have only had s** with one guy and I am a 31 yr old female. Oh well. I enjoy the s**.

  • I'm 25, hot as h***, and bold as brass. I've done it with 60 guys, give or take a few. And I'm proud of it. Unlike the prissy ladies with their tight a**** and chicken s*** inhibitions, I can get any guy in bed and I'm the best lay a guy could ever have.

    Hugs and kisses,


  • When it comes to s**, (1) there is no "normal", (2) a person can't be "s***" who's only shagged TEN guys, lifetime, and (3) statistics are for people with no imagination and no initiative. Ignore what the media and society tells you that you should be doing with your body and simply do with your body whatever makes your body feel good (within the limits of safety, and your own reason, of course). Ten is certainly not too many, and in fact, if you want a statistical challenge, try to double your number between now and your twenty-first birthday. I'm not suggesting that you go crazy or expose yourself to danger, but making love to ten additional different partners over the next sixty weeks or so (depending on when your birthday is) would be easily achievable for someone with your level of experience.....and obvious expertise. S** is for fun, so go out an enjoy yourself. The girls with only seven conquests to their credit (or less) are already envious of you, so you should really drive them over the edge of the sexual cliff by knocking down ten MORE. Stop worrying and HAVE FUN!!

  • Obviously a man... Hoping to be #11

  • Don't worry hun, I'm 20, and I've been with 22. I'm not a s***, I don't sleep with every guy I meet. Everyone is different. Life would be boring if we didn't try new things.

  • I'm 36. Had 2 partners. Married my #2.

    So in comparison...??

  • You're a decent woman with 2 partners, not like the street corner trash on here.

  • Prude!

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