I feel guilty

I am in a relationship with my boyfriend since 6 years.we have planned to get married next year.when i was in high school,i tried vodka with my childhood guy friend,i didnt felt so drunk but we end up kissing and touching each other into private places inside the clothes.though it hardly lasts for 1-2 min.next time when i asked him''do you remember what we did when we were drunk?''he said''we didnt do anything.''
i am an Indian and people are not so cool about these things in here.should i tell my bf about it,cause it really bothers me sometime when he tells that i am his 1st and true love.i was a virgin too when before meeting him.

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  • Why would you want to hurt him by telling him about something that happened in your moment of weakness? You didn't have s** with the guy and he doesn't even remember it. Telling him may ease your conscience but at the expense of hurting him and possibly ending your relationship. Keep it to yourself. And keep your hands to yourself.

  • its not a very big deal and your friend doesnt even remember a thing, i'm an Indian too and i'd happily accept my gf

  • GO SMOKE A D***!

  • Dont tell him a damn thing man. what happens behind closed door should stay there. there wont be any good that will come out of it. Just hurt feelings and a changed relationship. If yall like the way things are now. keep it that way and live with the guilt. thats your pennance son...

  • Tell him if you think it will make things better. You be the judge...will he be understanding? Can you trust him? If he loves you he will get past it and help you get past it too

  • no need to tell him, nothing good will come out of it most likely. It's good that you feel guilty though but just don't repeat same mistakes.

  • If your friend doesn't remember it, then you don't have anything to say either.


  • tell him maybe you will get something better

  • No need to tell himm... dont dostroy ur love.
    Just forget and keep loving ur love . thats y. dont experiment.

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