Fulfilling wifes fantasy

One day my wife and i were at home on a saturday after noon we are having drinks and you can tell the wife is feeling good. she is very talkative at earliest stages of drunkeness we start talking about sexual fantasies. she tells me she has been having a re-occuring dream probably at least two times a week maybe three times a week of having my two best friends in her at same time and me in her mouth , she tells me some mornings she wakes up after dream to take shower because she cannot wait to get her self off this talk continues for about forty five minutes and she gives very vivid details of dream to me i realize i am so hard thinking of watching my wife take three d**** at same time .we have more drinks continuing to talk my wife is now very intoxicated she is well on her way of finishing off 750 ml botte of canadian whisky i ask her when she would like to try having her fantasy ful filled she is becoming vey in coherent and my excitement is rising i know it is short time till she is going t completely pass out .i get on phone call my buddy ty ask what he doing he said lookin for anything to do tell him to come over for couple drinks .he said he would but 45 min or so my d*** is so hard in my pants throbbing knowing what i am putting into motion can never be un done once it happens.i now am calling my buddy josh he answers kinda out of breath ask him what up he says was heading out door to go on motorcycle ride i tell him ty is gonna come by in bout 45 min or s for couple drinks tell him would be great if he could come by also.my wife is now out cold her lifeles body is crumpled over on the couch i pick her up and carry her to our bed room.lay her on the bed and rub her crotch through her pants i start undressing her is a struggleto gett her pants and panties off but i do finally get them off iam trmbling with excitement anticipating of what is in store for her.i spread her legs apart some and notice her p**** is glistening with wetness not sure if she knows what is going to happen shortly or she was very excited from her dreams she told me about i have drinks made when kncck on front door josh is first t arrive but only couple of minutes pass and ty is knocking we are in living room drinking our cocktails an bsing iam so excited bout what iam about to tell my buddies that i fear i might bust a nut in my pants later now josh is sitting in recliner that looks up hall into our bed room i just he keeps moving eyes into hall way i tell them there is a reason i had them come over i start to tell them of amy's re-occuring dream and that she longs to have them in her with me in her mouth i know notice josh has not returned from bathroom i turn around he is standing in mine and amys bedroom door just staring at amy lying passed out on bed i also notice that josh has undone his pants and is standing in my bed room door jacking himself off as he stares at amys p**** he tells me that he has always had crush on amy at this point i cannot help but notice the size of josh has the biggest d*** i have ever seen i notice ty is up for the evening actiivities as he is now pulling off his pants i ntice he is of average size i am so turned on by thoughts of what is abut to transpire her i noticr ty is kissing at amy's feet and working his way up her legs josh is laying on bed now next to my wife playing with her b******.i can here amys breathing change as ty is still kissing up her legs now at her inner thighs working his way toward his prize josh has one of amy's t*** in his mouth and is pinching and pulling on other nipple ty reaches up and spreads amys p**** lips open with his hands he now has her c*** exposed i am so damn turned on as ty presses his mouth against my wifes p**** and sucks her c*** into his moouth amy lets out a long and sensual moan josh is working her t*** over as i see amy moving her hips up and down as ty continues to eat my wife iam so turned on i pull my clothes off and my c*** standimg straight up i move towards my wifes beautiful mouth and rub the head of it arond her mouth i am still in dis belief the size of joshs d*** ty is furiosly eating amy out as it appears to me that she is f****** his mouth.her breathing is very shallow and fast josh has now grabbed amys legs and holding them skyward and wider as ty continues to tongue f*** my wife and suck her c*** amy now definetly f****** tys tongue and moaning has her body tightens and ty drinks in my wifes first o***** of the night of many i hope to follow i just wish she was not so under the influence i try to force my c*** into her mouth she is not really with it to suck n my d*** dont get him squirrelled up josh is now between my wifes legs with them high in ai air and pressed toward her chest he has her tight a****** exposed and is tongue f****** amys a****** in and out slow and deep at first suddenly amy is trying to get mikes job she is f****** his tngue with i trll ty to get out there hejosh is rapidly and deeply amys thighs start to sh

Nov 12, 2012

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  • Seems a bit confusing and unreal. It's more husband's own fantasy than wife's fantasy. Damn, how could a drunk woman be ready to enjoy a foursome with husband and two other guys? And how can one be convinced that just a phone call and both guys are ready for action in a q**** context of intimacy? This story never happened.

  • Ever heard of punctuation?

  • Keep your commas to yourself.

  • If a woman wants to get her husband beat up -------who does she get ? and where does she tell him to punch him ?

  • My lady brought up having a friend join us. I have to tell you, watching her with him in his mouth drove me nuts. She wanted to experience someone inside her while she was playing with me. At first, I was not sure how I felt about it, but it was really something she wanted. Well, I loved watching her get taken. She was truly having a great time. So, I was not sure if I was being replaced. Well.. no. .. she just wanted this guy for the fun of having a threesome. She said.. the more the merrier, I will let you know how the foursome goes. It is all about the fun... no drama

  • My wife told me often she wished she could f*** me and suck me at the same time. i started a new job and a coworker and i were talking and he said his wife would hardly do anything with him. talked to my wife and we decided to ask him over one night. she straddled my d*** and leaned over and sucked him off. she said it was the best s** she ever had and would like to try with a couple of other guys but the opportunity never presented itself, but great memories

  • Cheaters on each other thats all it amounts to is CHEATING

  • It's not cheating if they're both ok with it and both participate. As for "sins" o.o ? Is that what Jesus would say? Uh, NO! There is no Jesus, you're lying to yourself believing in that ridiculous excuse for a "faith". I've seen Angels, devils and demons... they're in people, not invisible, miracle creating, rapist, torturing, weird commandment stone carvers. You shouldn't try telling people how to live, it's their choices to make, not yours judgey guy.

  • You say you did it because thats what she wanted. When she asks for a horse get it for her so you can watch that also. YOU ARE ONE FUC--- UP MESS

  • She must be so proud of you, protecting her like that.

  • Talking about wet dreams and sexual fantasies with my wife is how I found out she had the fetish of being publicly exhibited naked. What she didn,t know was that I had secretly talked about with two couples we knew and they couldn't wait for it to happen. Even their wifes were were game and talking about doing it on our usual saturday night BBQ. My wife never knew what I was going to do when I swung her over my shoulder naked and carried her out with butt stook up in the air with her p**** wide open. She got extremely mad at me for humilating her, but she couldn't hide the fact it sexually turned her on. When I f***** her that night in had never seen her so wet and h****.

  • A woman's p**** is a hole. pua ha beeko

  • Sorry. The closest I can come to this is a surprise two guy strip a gram for Wifes birthday. She always wanted to try a threesome but is to embarrassed in front of me. I bit the bullet and did it once. Surprisingly we actually grew closer as she felt more comfortable sharing her feelings with me and not hiding them or feeling weird. We did it once more about four months later then never again, but our s** life hugely improved after that. If anyone ever tries it, do not use friends or people you know, use professionals so to say, this way they go away after and don't try to date your partner or s*** like that. The rape and other stuff is not for us, sorry.

  • Nice. I give you about another year before she leaves you for a real man.

  • I don't see the romance, excitement or thrill of getting a dead piece of ass. My wife didn't mind a joint, or even a 714 once in a while, but getting wasted was never any good, she wanted s** it had to be an accomplishment for all, that means everyone either had a slight buzz from a few drinks, joints, occasionally doing a 714, we actually did on some blotter acid a few times, but that was to much f****** for her. Sloppy ass drunk, or stoned is a waste of time.


  • Let her get what se wants bare

  • What is it w you sick bastards raping your wives and or allowing Gang rapes to happen? Sick f****?

  • Why the f*** are you even on here??

  • Weird, this sounds more like my best friend's wife's fantasy. She openly brags as she reminisces of the many times she passed out drunk at a party and woke up nude and used the next morning. She speaks so highly of those times that both her daughters are looking forward to it.

    My wife giggles with laughter hearing those stories of hers and admits she wouldn't mind swallowing a date rape drug as long as I make sure nothing too bad happens. Because of my bud's twisted wife, my wife now wants to try waking up nude and used, wondering who did what to her. I'm not into that stuff so it isn't ever going to really happen to my wife.

    Yes, my Bud asks me to bed his wife or help him drug rape his wife on occasion. Usually these requests happen as her birthday or a holiday approaches. I'm not into her, going to H*** or wrecking my marriage so I usually won't unless he gets my wife to pressure me to 'help' him out. I don't look forward to or enjoy it. Seriously, I wish he was still with his first wife. She was normal.

  • You sorry sack of s***! Bragging about the 3 of you raping your passed out wife. It’s not fulfilling a fantasy it’s downright rape. Just because she fantasized about it doesn’t mean she would go through with it sober.
    You are a sorry piece of s***.

  • You are flat wrong on every count. It is one of her kinks, she isn't shy about it and she happily thanks me for my 'help' whenever I do. Fortunately, she just divorced my friend to go be with her ex-BF from HS. Now my friend can finally date more normal women again.

  • Linda tells me how she wants to go to a bar in a skirt and stockings, no panties, and let anyone touch and play with her. She sees herself getting turned on and spreading her legs, letting any one who wants her to f*** her. I admitted that the fantasy turned me on, so one night she followed through. When she came home about 2am and told me how she was taken by multiple men, and two women, I got hard and she sucked me off. Now, when it suits her, Linda goes out and makes herself available, then comes home and tells me about it. Our love life has never been better!

  • Sound like my ex girl friend, i do not blam her she realy a good f*** so dam tight and can go all night

  • Yes you give her a house to live in and feed her so she can fu-- other men. What kind of a dumb a-- are you

  • My wife too never wears panties except her period days so that any one can feel her bare p****. In crowded areas I have seen those wondering eyes of gropers feeling her p****.


  • Is awesome isn't it?! I love my wife coming home from work and telling me she was naughty.. that's when she puts my hand on her p**** to feel how wet it is from the coworkers or boss' c**!

  • My wife works at a bank and has at least 2 stories a week about her nasty behaviors.
    Most recent is the black guy that visits the bank 2-3 times a week. She said she is alway aware when he’s there and can’t help but stare down at his c*** and has got caught with her stares and then she tells me the past weeks he waits for her teller line and seemed to have adjusted his c*** to be more visual and she said she made it clear to him she was looking and once he was at her window, she smiled and said to him “it’s great to see you today, you always make my day!” She told me she leaned forward to show him her cleavage.
    She has got letters in her file for customer complaints about her “flirting” with customers and it’s always exiting to hear her talk about it and see her excitement over her nasty habits

  • Looking forward to the day that customer complaints about "flirting" become obsolete.

  • Good on you both.. Enjoy

  • I want you ,

  • Londonladlive at live dot co dot uk not dot com

  • Londonladlive at live dot com wants to hear from you-uk, London based....

  • My wife tells me about her fantasies with other men. We role play them and it gets pretty real. She put on a blind mask and pretends I'm another man. She even calls me his name, which turns me very on. She even describes situations so realistic that makes me think she has really done it with other men but the thought that she might have really done it turns me even more on.

  • Nice

  • Amy wakes up

  • Somebody f*** my wife in front of me


  • You wimp a--

  • I would like to see some pictures of her and is this true you want this. I would like to find some friends like you in N.E. Ohio.

  • I want too

  • Me 2

  • I would like love to!

  • My wife loves 3 d**** in her at once too. Two of my friends sleep with us a couple times a month. we f*** her all night.

  • Same we Double penetrate rianna preteen age 11 do she's really tight in both holes

  • YOU ARE A SIck bas----

  • Can you tell me more about this and share some pictures and stories of her with me. Like to find some friends like you and your wife in N.E .Ohio. Love to watch my wife f***** by some new friends too

  • Can y’all f*** mine too

  • Where are you from? If from N.E. Ohio love to be friends with you and your wife. Spencerted90@Gmail.com

  • I would love to f*** a passed out woman

  • My husband will sleep f*** me quite often because I take Ambien and am there but not there and for me knowing he does it is so very erotic to me. I also have the same fantasy. We are going on a cruise for 14 days in March and I am hoping to make some friends to play with. I've got all sorts of f*** fantasy's in my head and so does my hubby. He really wants to see me get ass f***** by another man while he watches. And I want to eat someone out while he f**** me and various and sundry other things. I am h**** just thinking about it.

  • Thats hot as f***

  • That's hot

  • Very nice

  • Can you make it four one night Phil phhrrd@aol.com

  • Wife and I had threesomes once a week. Most were with another male and they lasted all night till 6am. Letting my brother join us was the hottest . I couldn't believe I was ok letting him have s** with the wife regularly and he loved it.

  • Let brother f*** girl friend first time for him ask her if he could she said if not too big said smaller then mine she said ok she put rubber on him lasted about 35 second first time

  • I let my brother f*** my wife in threesomes regularly and she loved letting both of us please her

  • My brother f***** two of my wives, after he did with the first wife, his wife would have nothing to do with it so he only got her once. His 2nd wife was up for the idea, we had threesomes and swapped far more often than I can count.

  • I'm guessing you aren't familiar with what full stops are

  • Oh for f***'s sake....your story got cut off...finish it here !

  • Sorry got drunk had her raped acain

  • Women pretend to be asleep or passed out when they want to be innocent. BUT WILD AT THE SAME TIME IVE F***** A FEW.And they keep bringing it up remanissing about it.

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