Finally did it

I'm a 35 year old married woman. I've been married to my husband for 15 years. I never considered myself anything but straight and after three nights ago i no doubt myself.

My husband was at work and I was off. My best friend Jenny came over and we went to lunch and then back to my house to watch a movie. Once we got back to my house, I changed out of my clothes and into just something comfortable. I had on a tank top and silk pajama bottoms. No bra and no panties. We sat side by side on the couch as the movie started. Jenny had her hands full and asked me to grab her phone for her. It was on the top of the couch behind her head.

I reached to get it and she noticed that I don't shave my armpits. Jenny said, "Don't shave?" I said, "Nah. Not for a year now. Dan thinks it's hot." She said, "Down there also?" I said, "Nope. Hairy as f***. Took me a while to get used to it but I like it now." She said, "I've been wanting to do that but just never let it grow." I said, "What would your girlfriend think?" She said, "Oh we aren't together anymore. She moved back home and I couldn't go because of my job."

Jenny has been a lesbian as long as I can remember. She flirts and hits on me all the time. I don't mind it but when she asks I always tell her we are friends. Jenny has wanted to get me into bed for 20 years. She said, "Can I see?" I said, "See what?" She said, "How hairy you are." I laughed and said, "Oh I don't care." I pulled my pants down to my knees. She said, "Wow. Very nice. I like it. The natural, unshaven look really looks nice on you." She put her hands on my knees and went to part my legs. I said, "What are you doing?" She said, "I wanna see your p****. Just relax." I took my pants off. She spread my legs to show my long p**** lips and now hard c***. She said, "Are you h****?" I said, "Maybe a bit. I am basically naked here.

She reached down and put my c*** between her two fingers. I was rock hard. She gently stroked my c*** as if it were a p****. She said, "I want to go down on you Mandi." I said, "Baby, we've been through this. You and I are friends and besides I'm married." She said, "He would never know unless you told him. You ARE h**** and you did tell me a while back that you have been curious." I said, "What if Dan comes in?" She said, "Find out how long he is going to be."

I took out my phone and texted Dan asking when he would be home. He told me 3 hours. It was dead at work but his relief wouldn't be in until 5. I said, "Oh h***. You know what? Let's do it. One time to see if I like it." She said, "Seriously?" I said, "Yeah seriously."

I took off my tank top revealing my big firm b****** and hard pink nipples. She took off her clothes. She was very beautiful. She works out a lot and her body shows it. She got on her knees and pushed my legs apart. I slunk down into the couch. She wrapped her arms around my thighs and started eating my p****. Her tongue was soft. She was very good at what she was doing. I have always loved the vanilla lotion she always uses. She stopped for a second and said, "Oh I dig the hairy p****. Your scent is making me h****.

She continued to eat my p****. I had a couple of o******. She would just continue to lick me through the o****** which about made me turn inside out. Then I said it. I said, "Jenny. Baby, I wanna eat your p**** too." She pulled me up by the hands and we went to my bedroom. We got on the bed and she got on top of me. We started making out. She rubbed her p**** against mind. Then she flipped and we started to 69. I did what I thought was natural. What she was doing to me. I did enjoy the taste of her p****. She called out after just a couple minutes, "Oh god, Mandi, I'm going to c**." I sucked on her c*** and flicked my tongue against it. She started running her p**** against my lips.

We laid in my bed and f***** for over an hour. I had 4 very good o******. Afterwards we laid in bed together. Just laying with each other totally naked. My c*** was literally, visibly throbbing. She said, "So, what do you think?" I immediately said, "That was amazing. I loved it.

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