In the middle

When I was in my late teens I had this friend he was also the manager of a small holiday house. He got me a job there as the maintenance guy the place was vacant most of the time because they had very specific guest types and where only higher class. They would book the place and be paying for months without being there so we had the place to ourselves for whatever.

Ok so now, we had a cleaning lady about in her early sixties but you couldn't tell by looking at her, well from the first day I started working I suspected something was going on between her and my friend and my suspicion was confirmed when I walked in on them one day. It was time for lunch so I go to the kitchen like always where all 3 of us had lunch together. But they were not there only my lunch on the counter so I ate and went inside to probably chat with them a bit before I started working again but I couldn't find them I knew they were somewhere doing something nasty and I wanted to see what was going on my d*** was now hard lol. So I quietly went from room to room until I hear something I also saw the door wasn't shut so I quietly open it more to see inside lol πŸ˜‚ my friend was on his back on the bed and the lady was sitting on his face in 69 grinding her crotch on his mouth while stroking and sucking his limp d*** trying to get some life into it like she was doing cpr lol πŸ˜‚πŸ€£his face was fully engorged in her big fat juicy 60 od yro p**** and huge round ass so he was lost to the world but she wasn't she saw me and paused a bit looking in my eyes I held the bulge of my d*** and then open my zipper and took out my hard d*** and stroke it she didn't say anything but had a confused look on her face I got closer and until my d*** was about 2 inches from her mouth she continued to stroke the limp πŸ˜‚and licking her lips so I let my d*** touch her lips she opened her mouth and I pushed my c*** in slow and out f****** her mouth slow like she started grinding his face harder her lips felt like heaven on my d*** she closed her eyes and so did I she was c****** on his face it sounded like he was drowning lol dam I wish she was sitting on my face instead so I started f****** her mouth faster forcing her more on his face he was in a p**** juice frenzy back there as she came again and her mouth was driving me crazy I dropped my pants and stepped out of it while she was sucking my d*** that was when he noticed that I was in the room and panicked lol πŸ˜‚ she had to use her big ass to hold him down and told him it was ok and to prove it was ok I went behind her where he was under her with p**** pressed to his mouth I pushed my d*** in her p**** like he wasn't there lol thinking he wouldn't mind well I was right because he continued to eat her c*** with my d*** plunging in and out of her p**** she was out of control I f***** her hard and my d*** slipped out and I felt my d*** touch his mouth sucking her c*** he didn't stop so I left my d*** there touching his mouth and her p**** I made a few strokes on his lips he puts his tongue out on my d*** omg he takes the head in his mouth and sucks it so now I'm f****** p**** and then mouth back and forth lol I c** in her p**** and put some in his mouth he suck my d*** hard like he wanted more he then eat my c** from her p**** and swallow she lays on her side I'm on my back she sucking my d*** he's eating her p****, I'm about to f*** her missionary he sucks my d*** first and licks her c*** while I f*** her fat old p****. We f***** every time we work since then, I got to eat that fat juicy old p**** clean shaven too just me and her the fist time we were alone I eat her p**** she came so many times we had to sun the matress lol it was soaked washed my face in her p**** then push my d*** to her cervix and gave her all my juice with a proper young strong pounding f***** her old p**** so hard she slept for the whole day and woke up at 12 40 am luckily she was a widow and live alone so nothing to worry about. My friend still ate her p**** but can't f*** her he has a d*** problem I also have another confession for another time depending on the comments here.

Dec 20, 2020

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  • I would love to hear your other confession.

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