7th Grade

Okay, so I'm Asian and people just assume I am naturally good at math. Well, I'm not. It gets super annoying. I mean I'm okay at it. There is something called math 7 where the dumb people are. Per-algebra (I'm in it) is where the majority of my classmates are. Algebra A/B is for the smart 7th graders. Like all the Asians are in it! At least I'm not in math 7 but I might as well be. I used to be like the top in elementary but then I moved and now everything changed without my intention. I mean I would enjoy math if I was at least a little better at it. My twin sister is like the best at it. I hate being compared to her. My parents always rants to my relatives how my sister got all As and then there's just me with a few As but mostly Bs. I don't get it, nor will I ever.

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  • Head over to khanacademy.org and thenewboston.org and check out their tutorial videos. The programming tutorials are fun and should help you tons in algebra. KhanAcademy covers all of the math subjects. And I see no point in comparing grades, except maybe for the occasional curiosity, which I'm sure your parents don't have. My parents compare me to my friends, only because I don't have any siblings (how she knew their grades still baffles me, suspects making up data). And math7? That's just a joke by the eight graders to make others feel bad. The next time they try to troll a 6th grader, just sneak up behind them and slap them on their back (which I did countless times).

  • I'm also a 7th grade asian but i'm in advanced math (algebra1) if you have any friends in the upper math level ask them to help you study for tests. if you want to be in the advanced class you can request to take the test into there (after studying for it)
    hope i helped!

  • I'm in 7th gradeand Asian too and the teachers don't help me with any of my work most of the time so I have to figure it out on my own. If your struggling in Pre Algebra, I usually google search things and then just try to figure out an easy way to do whatever lesson your on.

  • That kinda sucks, but it's not the end of the world. Maybe you're better at other things. At least you're not getting worse grades in math like many people do. Some people can barely do it. Others flunk math.

    It sounds like you are very smart, which is lucky. Not everyone is born with those kind of genetics going for them, as evidenced in the differences in IQs and learning abilities. You probably have a lot to be thankful for, and maybe one day it will no longer matter that you weren't a whiz at math, or as in the elementary school, maybe you start getting better at it again.

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